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Is It Cheaper to Build a Deck or Patio?

When deciding between building a deck or a patio, cost is a significant factor to consider.

Generally, Denver area paver patio installations are more economical than decks. This cost disparity arises from various factors including materials, labor, and site preparation. But is this always the case?

Composite decks are more expensive than patios

Paver Patio Construction

Our patios are constructed with Belgard pavers, which can to be less expensive than Trex or TimberTech composite materials often used for our Denver area decks. Additionally, patios are built directly on the ground, which means they usually require less structural support and fewer labor hours to install. The ground preparation for a patio is often simpler and less costly, involving tasks like leveling and compacting soil.

Patios are cheaper than decks

Denver Area Deck Construction

Our decks, on the other hand, require a sturdy structure made of pressure-treated wood for support. This structure must be built to code, which can involve complex carpentry and additional materials like beams, joists, and fasteners. Furthermore, if the deck is elevated more than 30 inches, there will be cost for a stair and deck railings. The final cost of your deck can vary based on the design complexity and your choice of materials.

Denver area deck construction

Are there exceptions to a deck being more expensive than a patio?

There are always exceptions. For instance, expansive, high-end patios with intricate designs, constructed of premium materials can rival or even exceed the cost of a basic deck. Conversely, a simple, ground-level deck made from pressure-treated lumber might be quite affordable.

Is a patio always less expensive than a deck?

Is a porch more expensive to build than a deck?

Generally speaking, a Denver area porch would be more expensive to build than an open-air deck. Porches are more complex designs that include a roof. This necessitates additional structural support, materials, and labor for framing, and roofing. Screened porches will be more expensive than a standard open porch, requiring more cost for screening materials. Additionally, porches may require more extensive foundation work to support the extra weight. Electrical wiring for lighting, heating, and ceiling fans is also common in porches, adding to the expense. These factors combined make porches a more costly construction project compared to decks.

Is a porch more expensive than a deck?

Likewise, a covered patio will be costlier than an open-air patio design.

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