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Patio Installations – Why We Install Paver Patios

The team at Archadeck have been custom paver patio installers since 2011. There are myriad reasons we use pavers instead of concrete for our patio installations.

Concrete patios are a typical builder-grade standard here in the Denver Metro area. And if you have a poured concrete patio that serves you well, that is great for you. In many cases, however, a concrete patio will reveal itself as the lesser option to Belgard paver patios.

patio installations Denver Metro Belgard paver patio design with hardscape outdoor kitchen

Why Archadeck of Greater Denver Does Not Install Concrete Patios

As mentioned above, poured concrete looks nice when it is fresh, but it is very likely to fail – sometimes in a few years, sometimes in only weeks or months. If the earth shifts or sinks beneath concrete, the structure is weakened. Cracking will occur and sinking can often follow. If you have ever tried to patch a cracked concrete pad, you will know that you cannot match your original concrete mixture. What you are left with is an eyesore that is not much better than the crack itself. Due to the likelihood of concrete failures, it is never warrantied.

Concrete can fail in short order, either by improper mixing/pouring or the shifting earth beneath.

Why We Exclusively Install Paver Patios

Paver patios are not only beautiful, but they are also very flexible. Unlike poured concrete, if the ground shifts, any pavers that move out of alignment can be made right again. If a paver breaks, it can be easily replaced. The only time a paver patio cannot be rectified is if the ground suffers extreme shifting or sinking. At that point, sitework would need to be performed before reinstallation of the patio.

Belgard Mega-Arbel paver patio design with firepit

Why We Install Belgard Paver Patios

Paver patio brands, like Belgard, offer high-quality concrete pavers that are manufactured to withstand decades of use. When you choose Archadeck to build your Belgard paver patio, your pavers are covered by a limited lifetime, transferable product warranty. What’s more, these paves are not simple, rectangular concrete bricks. If you desire a natural stone patio, Belgard offers a variety of pavers that mimic the beauty of flagstone, but with the durability of their manmade pavers.

Belgard paver patio with fire pit and seating wall

Archadeck, Not Just Patio Installers

When you work with Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills, you are not simply hiring paver patio installers. We are a team of design-and-build outdoor living experts. Sure, we can design your custom patio, and provide expert installation. But more than that, we can build additional outdoor structures, such as decks and patio covers to complement your new paver patio. Not all patio installers are full-scale outdoor living contractors. Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills is just that!

Composite deck with pergola, underdecking, and custom hardscape design

Choose Archadeck to be your Metro Denver patio contractor.

Archadeck is your locally owned and operated outdoor living contractor, experienced in turnkey design-build projects throughout the Denver Metro area. Since 2011, we have been a trusted choice for homeowners, who wish to improve the look and function of the areas outside their homes. We are one of the few full-service outdoor building contractors, who offer craftsmanship and structural warranties on all projects. Every contract signed with Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills is protected by a corporate guarantee, stating that your project will be built to-spec, at the quoted price, no matter what. You can rest easy with Archadeck as your chosen outdoor living contractor!

Trust Archadeck with your custom paver patio, patio cover, deck, or outdoor combination project throughout the Denver Metro, including these areas and more:

Search for patio contractors near me and choose Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills for your paver patio project.

Our team of Design Consultants, patio designers, and patio installers is ready to guide you through every step of the process of achieving your ideal patio design. Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills is eager to earn your business. Call (720) 704-1556 or fill out this form to schedule a complimentary design consultation with Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills.

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