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Do I Need a Permit to Build a Deck in the Denver Metro?

Building a deck in the Denver CO Metro area generally requires permitting.

The necessity for a deck building permit is influenced by several factors. These include the deck’s size, height, and specific location. The following are a few guidelines permitting your Denver area deck project. Broomfield CO Deck and Patio Combination Broomfield CO Deck and Patio Combination by Archadeck

When Do You Need a Deck Permit?

Permitting is dictated by county and local jurisdiction requirements. If you intend to alter, replace, or build a new deck at your home in Douglas County, Broomfield, Boulder, or Jefferson County CO, you should expect that your project will require permitting. There are two types of permits in the Denver Metro: zoning and building. Your project could require both.

Deck Height and Size:

Height: If the deck is more than 30 inches above grade (off the ground level), a permit is typically required. This height threshold is crucial as it relates to safety regulations concerning potential falls and will dictate that your deck also requires railings.

Size: Larger decks often necessitate a permit, but the exact size threshold can vary. It's advisable to check with the local building department for specific dimensions.

Structural and Safety Concerns: Any deck that will be attached to the home or involves significant structural work, such as adding support posts or beams will require a permit. This ensures that the deck’s construction meets safety standards and building codes.

Covered decks, whether covered by a roof or pergola, might additionally require a zoning permit, depending on your local code requirements.

Zoning Regulations: Local zoning laws can affect whether a permit is needed. These regulations dictate setback requirements (how far the deck must be from property lines, buildings, and other structures). Complying with zoning laws is essential to avoid future legal issues or required modifications.

Patio Construction: Do patios in the Denver Metro require permitting?

Open paver patios in the Denver Metro do not require permitting. Patios with roofs will require zoning and building permits before your project can proceed. As with deck permitting, it is necessary to ensure compliance with local zoning and code regulations. Not doing so could result in legal ramifications and/or construction modifications. Do Denver metro decks require a permit? Paver Patio and Composite Deck in Broomfield CO

Denver Area Deck Construction: Trust Archadeck with Your Deck

When you choose Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills, you can be assured that all permitting requirements are adhered to. Once you sign your deck construction contract with us, we will start the permitting process on your behalf. This is part of our design-build service standard and is performed in-house for every client we serve. This eliminates the chances of a lengthy back-and-forth with your local code compliance office. Archadeck is versed in all permitting procedures, and we are happy to take that responsibility off your hands during your deck construction project.

What’s more, your Archadeck deck is secured through the National Guarantee Corporation. This means that no matter the circumstances, your deck will be constructed as specified at the price stated on your contract.

Add to that, we offer a one-year workmanship warranty and five-year structural warranty on all our decks, and you can see why so many homeowners choose us to be their deck contractor.

Trust Archadeck with your Denver area deck project.

Put our experience and service-centric design and build process to the test for your new custom deck design. We have been designing and building decks, patios, and porches throughout the Denver Metro since 2011, including these areas:

Search for deck builders near me and choose Archadeck.

Archadeck of Greater Denver and the Foothills wants to be your choice for deck builders in the Denver Metro. Our team of Design Consultants, designers, and builders is eager to help you create the outdoor space you long for. Call (720) 704-1556 or fill out this form to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

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