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Sustainable Deck Building with TimberTech® AZEK Decking

Archadeck of Charlotte is a proud TimberTech® AZEK deck building partner. If you are thinking about building a new deck in the Charlotte area, we recommend using premium TimberTech AZEK sustainable decking – for a deck that is guaranteed for decades of regular use.

With more than 30 years of deck design and building experience in the Charlotte market, Archadeck of Charlotte has built thousands of decks for homeowners throughout the area. While traditional pressure-treated wood decks still hold a place in our hearts and the deck building market, more and more homeowners are seeing the true value in building sustainably – even for their decks and porches. What makes TimberTech decking sustainable?

Overhead view of TimberTech sustainable decking with table and chairs
Earth-friendly, sustainable decking by TimberTech

TimberTech has six advanced recycling facilities, where 300 million pounds of landfill waste is diverted each year. They are always working to advance their recycling capabilities, currently sourcing, processing, and controlling the quality of the polyethylene and polymer materials they use to produce their sustainable decking products. They are not only committed to producing sustainable products, but manufacturing them sustainably, as well. TimberTech repurposes waste materials from their decking board manufacturing process, sourcing hard-to-recycle materials back into their production efforts, keeping them out of landfills. 98% of their manufacturing scraps are put right back into their manufacturing process, making them 97% landfill-free. TimberTech also employs closed-loop water filtration systems, recycling 96% of the water used at their production facilities.

overhead view of TimberTech AZEK sustainable decking with a bench and chairs
TimberTech AZEK sustainable composite decking

At the heart of TimberTech capped composite and capped polymer decking, you will find up to 100% recycled materials. Each decking board is comprised of up to 80% recycled material, including the cap, without compromised strength and durability. TimberTech never fells trees to produce their sustainable decking. By using only wood waste in their composite decking cores, they have helped save more than one million trees since 2015.

close up view of sustainable decking TimberTech AZEK
TimberTech decking is made of up to 80% recycled material

Per the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American home was about 2,600 square feet in 2015. A wood-framed home of that size requires 22 80-foot trees just to frame the home. Another 22 trees will be required to finish other elements inside the home. That’s an average of 44 mature trees total. Considering that an 80-foot fir would require 60 years of growth, the average American wood-framed home is comprised of 2,640 years of tree growth. Pressure-treated wood decks have an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, at which time you will need to replace your deck. If you do not wish to use even more wood products to build your new deck or porch, TimberTech’s sustainable decking is a smart choice. With warranties of up to 50 years, your TimberTech deck will by far outlast a traditional wood deck.

view looking up into the trees and at the sky
No trees are ever fell to produce TimberTech decking

Archadeck has been building custom composite decks in the Charlotte area for over 30 years. If you are in search of a Charlotte deck builder with a proven track record, and thousands of successfully-completed outdoor living projects, choose Archadeck. We are ready to discuss your new TimberTech deck design, with sustainability in mind. Give us a call at (704) 850-6104.