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Custom-Designed Covered Porches, Screened Porches & More

Here at Archadeck of Charlotte we specialize in all things outdoor living. A huge benefit of being able to live the outdoor lifestyle your desire is having options. This can mean having a covered porch structure that works in unison with a deck or patio and allows you the freedom and protection to escape a summer shower or the heat of the August afternoon sun without having to retreat indoors.

collage of 5 images showing various outdoor living structures i.e. a front porch and a backyard deck

We don’t believe in one size or design fits all when it comes to any of our outdoor living structures. Porches in particular have the ability to transform your home’s livability and aesthetic. We specialize in designing porches that add curb appeal, functionality and enhanced enjoyment all while keeping your home’s existing architecture in mind. Unlike other companies that treat a porch addition as an afterthought, we strive to build you a quality, customized design that appears original to your home that will bring enjoyment for many years down the road.

As Charlotte’s leading porch builder, we build all types of porches; these include front porches, open porches and patios, screened porches, detached porches and EZE Breeze 3-season porches.

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Take a Look Below at the Various Types of Porches We Build in Charlotte

Front Porches & Porticos

A front porch or portico is your home’s face. It’s what everyone sees as they drive by. It greets and welcomes guests even before you do. It also serves as that lasting first impression and prologue to the interior of your home. A front porch can protect you and your home’s front facade from the elements, add curb appeal or serve as a refuge for relaxation.

split screen showing a front porch on the left and a front portico on the right

Open Porches & Covered Porches

covered porch with vaulted ceiling and railing

Our custom covered porches are designed to protect you overhead without reducing your connection with the outdoors. From simple front porches to complete outdoor entertainment areas, our covered porches and covered patios will transform your home from the outside in.

covered porch with built in fireplace and barbecue

In the South, there’s a special meaning to wide open spaces. Take a look at this open porch below. It features all the accouterments needed for outdoor living enjoyment, notice the overstuffed outdoor furnishings, porch heater, ceiling fan, flat screen TV and even a stone fire pit! It’s like an open and airy hideaway right in your own backyard — placing you at one with all of Mother Nature’s majesty.

open porch with firepit, heating lamp and ceiling fan

Screened Porches

We are the leading screened porch builder in the Charlotte area. Designing and building upscale outdoor living spaces and structures is all we do. Screened porches are quintessential as outdoor living spaces in North Carolina. A screened porch allows you to enjoy fresh air and a nice breeze without the sun glaring down on you and without insects buzzing in your ear. With the mild climate we enjoy here in Charlotte, screened porches continue to grow in popularity.

enclosed room with fireplace and couches

See what these homeowners have to say about their screened porch and composite deck addition from Archadeck of Charlotte:

Charlotte EZE Breeze Porches

Our EZE Breeze porches allow flexibility unlike no other outdoor room. The EZE Breeze system can be applied to new or existing screened porches in order to create a multi-seasonal outdoor room.

screened in porch with floor to ceiling windows

These porches deliver protection from uncomfortable outdoor temperatures, insects, debris such as dirt, pollen and other allergans, as well as the elements. Similar to the advantages of sunrooms but with added flexibility and less costly to build, EZE Breeze porches give you the best of both worlds; a screened porch or a sunroom, anytime you want it! Read our blog titled EZE Breeze screen porches vs. Sun Rooms? to learn more about the advantages of an EZE Breeze screen porch vs. a sunroom.

enclosed porch with high ceiling and large windows

How Does Eze Breeze Work?

Eze Breeze consists of a vertical sliding vinyl window panel backed with screens. When the weather is right, slide them down for a screened porch experience, and pull them right back up when it’s raining to enjoy a more protected space. The panels are custom-made for your specific project and available in a variety of colors to make sure they complement your home perfectly. The vinyl window is lightweight to make the sliding easy and still provides the same view as regular glass.

enclosed patio with ceiling fans and slanted wood ceilings

This versatile enclosure system features vents that slide either vertically or horizontally to fit your needs. Fixed vents are also available to accommodate spaces above your vertical- or horizontal-sliding vents, allowing for incredible floor-to-ceiling views.

To see how effortless the Eze Breeze system is, check out the video below featured on our YouTube channel:


Sunrooms continue to increase in popularity among Charlotte homeowners. Even though sunrooms are not considered a porch addition, they retain many of the same benefits present in our screened porch and Eze Breeze porch structures. These include protection from the elements, allergens, nuisance insects and extended shade properties. A sunroom takes these positive benefits a step further through a conditioned space that functions like an interior room, complete with heating and cooling.

woman sitting in her sunroom with large windows

Our customers love sunrooms as they can use them all year round while still being surrounded (on three sides) by the outdoors. In addition, sunrooms offer an expanded choice of finish materials and design options since these spaces are not exposed to outside forces. Want to use hardwoods on your sunroom floor? Or maybe paint the walls in your favorite hue? Go ahead and get creative — All of these are possible with a sunroom!

sunroom with green couch, large windows and TV

Sunrooms, like any outdoor living structure we design and build, are not treated as a one size or design fits all addition. This is because there are so many aspects of a sunroom that need to be considered to create the perfect space: the size, shape, light, etc.

sunroom with wooden interior and furniture

It is surprising to some homeowners at how much a sunroom can impact their existing home when not properly designed. Loss of light to the interior of the home is one of the main concerns. For example, if the back of your home faces a Northern orientation it may not receive a lot of natural light that flows into the interior of the home. If you build a sunroom off the back, it may impact the amount that amount of light, or lack of, entering the home. When impeding the flow of natural sunlight is a concern Archadeck of Charlotte may suggest the addition of skylights or other design priorities reducing the loss of light that may occur.

Endless Customization Options for Your Porch Design

When it comes to options and materials to use for your Charlotte porch, the choices are vast. Your porch can be constructed with simplicity in mind as well as sophistication. From choosing the roof style that best suits the originality of your home and personal tastes, to the flooring and interior finishes, our designers can help with your selections. Here is a peek at some of the most asked about options by homeowners planning porch additions:

Collage of porch addition options i.e. roof style, flooring and finishes
Covered deck roof

Exposed Rafter Interior Porch Ceiling

Exposed rafters are very popular among Charlotte-area homeowners. Exposing the rafters creates a rustic, earthy elegance to the structure. Exposed rafters can also be wrapped to provide added aesthetics and continuity of the design.

screened in porch with high, exposed ceiling

Enclosed Rafters

Enclosed rafters used to create formality to a structure. The decision to leave the rafter exposed or to enclose is a personal preference. On the Mt. Holly screened porch pictured below we used a beautiful tongue-and-groove ceiling to finish the vaulted enclosed rafter ceiling.

vaulted ceiling on a porch with a ceiling fan

Flat Ceilings

Flat ceilings are often used in our screened porch and Eze Breeze porch designs. Flat ceilings are often used to give the space a more traditional interior room feel, and can also be used to create a sense of unity or formality. Flat ceilings can be played-up by the use of hardwood finishes to achieve a rustic elegance. Just look at the coffered ceiling detail we used on the flat ceiling of this Waxhaw, NC, covered porch addition:

porch with a flat paneled ceiling with ceiling fans


There are many options you can choose for your porch floor. These include traditional pressure treated pine, composite decking and even the newest tile that mimics the look of wood. You can learn more about the pros and cons, and price points, of various porch flooring options in the post What are my porch flooring options?, found on our blog.

special zigzag wooden flooring on a deck

Architectural Elements

Many architectural elements can be used to add style and character to your porch. Elements such as the ridge beam, which is the beam which runs the length of the ceiling, can become a focal point by using a large wooden beam. Ridge beams can also serve as an aesthetic element are also usually where the ceiling fan is often mounted. Roof beams are sometimes trimmed out or wrapped to add style to a porch space.

exposed wooden ceiling on a porch

Custom Porches Are Part of a Winning Outdoor Living Space!

Remember, here at Archadeck of Charlotte, our goal is to create a space that allows you and your family the freedom to live the way you wish outdoors. In many cases, just a singular deck or porch addition will not address that goal. Your ultimate outdoor living space needs to speak to all the functions you want to experience… enter the outdoor living combination.
open porch with built in fireplace and TV with rock facade
Covered patio in Piper Glen complete with outdoor fireplace

You can learn more about design ideas for covered patios in our blog The elegance of a covered patio and design ideas, too!

detached porch pavilion and uncovered patio area
Detached porch pavilion with spacious paver patio

covered porch with an extended deck
Charlotte open porch and deck combination space in Cameron Woods

covered patio with built in barbecue and outdoor furniture
Outdoor kitchen on Concord covered porch

These designs include two or more outdoor living structures that work together to promote a complete outdoor living environment. For example, maybe you seek a place to relish the afternoon sun but still want the protection of a covered space within reach. A deck or patio with a covered porch or screened porch would fit the bill. Maybe you want a place to relax, entertain and show off your backyard gourmet skills. A covered or screened porch or patio with an integrated outdoor kitchen is just the combination to cure that craving!

screened in area with large windows and built in barbecue
Charlotte screened porch with outdoor kitchen

No matter what type of porch you have in mind—whether it's an update to your home’s front entry, an Eze-Breeze porch to escape the heat and humidity of Charlotte summers, or a multi-faceted backyard destination—Archadeck of Charlotte can make the pleasures of living the porch life a reality!

Contact us today at (704) 850-6104 and get started with your Complimentary Design Consultation with our Charlotte porch builders!

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