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Did you know that Eze -Breeze is just one brand of vertical 4-track windows?

It’s true, Eze-Breeze is one manufacturer of vertical 4-track windows!

A common misconception is that Eze-breeze is the universal name for vertical 4-track windows. The truth is Eze-Breeze is one brand that manufacturers these awesome windows! There are multiple companies and brands that product 4-track windows. Archadeck of Charlotte works with a company called Porch Conversions, they custom design & build these windows for each project.

These windows are a huge hit in the Charlotte area due to some key benefits: They are customizable, durable, versatile, and low-maintenance.eze-breeze windows

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of choosing vertical 4-track windows for your porch!


4-track windows are more durable than a typical screen on a screened-in porch. These windows can withstand harsher weather conditions. They stand up to harsh winds and sun rays, as well as help to keep out debris and bugs. These windows are built to last with a flexi vinyl material that can be pushed lightly and handle rougher pressure than a typical screen.

Versatile & Breezy

One feature people love about 4-track windows is their ability to be opened at the top or the bottom of the track. This allows you to control the level of airflow in your porch. These windows can be customized to open vertically or horizontally. Because 4-track windows are generally designed to go floor to ceiling, you are able to maximize your view of your backyard and let in more sunlight.vertical 4 track window


4-track windows are fairly easy to maintain. Simply open up your windows and clean s needed, or for a deeper clean, pop out the window and clean with ease. Because these are more durable then screens, you most likely will not have to worry about tears or rips.


Customizing your porch windows to match your home is a key design feature when planning for a porch. 4-track windows are custom designed & built to fit your specific porch design. They are customizable in size, tint, color, and versatility. This ensures that your porch will look seamless with your home. custom porch near Charlotte

Upgrade your porch!

If you’re debating whether to build a screened in porch with roll screens or a porch with vertical 4-track windows, do your research on the differences. Although, 4-track windows are a more expensive option, they could save you money and time in the long run.

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