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Time to Inspect Your Deck: May is Deck Safety Month®

Each year in the United States, the North American Deck and Railing Association, calls homeowners’ attention to essential deck safety. Across the country, wood decks are aging past their safely usable lifespan. Archadeck of Charlotte urges you to inspect your deck, or have it inspected this month to ensure its safety, and address structural concerns before outdoor living season is in full swing.

An estimated 6,000 people will suffer injuries from deck collapses each year in the United States. Aging wood decks, unable to hold the weight of large groups of people, fail in horrific form, injuring 10, 20, or more people at once. In September 2019, this deck collapsed on the Jersey shore, injuring 22 people. Don’t let this be your deck this year. Archadeck of Charlotte implores you to have your deck inspected if it is seven years old or older.

Archadeck of Charlotte Has Been a Trusted Deck Builder for Over 30 Years!

The average lifespan of a wood deck is 10 years, with regular maintenance. If your wood deck is in disrepair or has aged out of its usable lifespan, count on Archadeck of Charlotte to build your new deck. We custom-design each deck for each home and family – for the way they want to live outdoors. This includes shape, size, and orientation of the deck, but that’s not all. Archadeck of Charlotte can help you decide if a traditional wood deck or TimberTech composite deck is right for you.

wood decking vs. composite decking
Is a wood deck or composite deck right for you?

The Truth About Wood Decks

If you love the look and feel of a traditional wood deck, and don’t mind regular deck maintenance, Archadeck of Charlotte will help you design a beautiful, strong wood deck for your home. As we mentioned above, your wood deck’s lifespan will be an average of 10 years. The only caveat to building a traditional wood deck, is that it will require maintenance. The NADRA recommends sanding and staining/painting your wood deck every three years. However, decks with excessive environmental exposure in the Charlotte area might require annual maintenance. This means that you will have to perform the maintenance or pay to have it done professionally.

traditional wood deck with benches
Archadeck of Charlotte wood deck design

TimberTech Composite Decks Will Last Much Longer

If you choose to replace your aging wood deck with a new TimberTech deck design, you will get decades of use. TimberTech products carry warranties of 35 to 50 years, depending on the decking collection you choose. Many homeowners are averse to the larger upfront cost of a composite deck, but TimberTech decks are low-maintenance. The only thing you will have to do is spray or wipe your deck down once of twice yearly. You will not have costs of deck maintenance sundries, like sanding tools, stain, and brushes each year, which will result in cost savings over time. Add to that the intended lifespan of composite decks, which will not require replacing at 10 years or younger, and you will see the actual overall savings of building a TimberTech composite deck.

See This: TimberTech Composite vs. Wood Decking Cost Comparison

TimberTech composite decking with outdoor furniture and white railing
TimberTech AZEK composite decking

Inspect Your Deck Using Archadeck’s BESAFER Method


If you are ready to replace your aging deck, put our custom deck design capabilities to work for you. We are ready to discuss your new wood or TimberTech deck design, complete with one of the many deck railing options in the Classic Composite Series. Give us a call at (704) 850-6104.