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What Are the Benefits of Flagstone Patios?

With more than 30 years’ experience as a Charlotte patio builder, we have designed many custom patios. Whether for urban locales, suburban neighborhoods, or lakeside retreats, flagstone is a popular and choice patio material. What are some of the advantages of having a flagstone patio?

Have you been thinking about adding a new patio to your Charlotte area home? If so, you have likely considered the benefits of different materials, such as manmade pavers or natural materials, such as travertine and flagstone varieties.

Charlotte flagstone patio surrounded by trees
Charlotte flagstone patio design

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Flagstone Patios Offer Design Flexibility.

Natural stone is an artisan material. Bluestone, limestone, and slate are some of the more popular flagstone options, and lend themselves to beautiful designs by shape, size, texture, and color palette. The uniqueness of each flagstone patio design means that your Charlotte patio will be yours alone. Irregularities found only in nature, offer an aesthetic appeal to any backyard space. Flagstone is perfectly imperfect.

flagstone patio design
This flagstone patio design adds bold character to this expansive outdoor living space!

The range of color in any flagstone patio design will root the space in character. Color palettes of flagstone range from blues and grays, to ambers and tans, to whites and reds. Flagstone varieties that are native to the Carolinas are darker, more saturated and rich-looking, whereas those sourced from other parts of the country might be muted of offer less contrast value. When it comes to color variation, or lack thereof, there really is no incorrect answer. With flagstone, your patio can be as bold or as subdued as you want.

flagstone patio color variation, side by side images
Look at the color variation offered by rain on this flagstone patio design!

No matter the style of your home, there is a flagstone variety to complement it. From rustic to polished backyard spaces, natural stone can be adapted to your design. Not only that, but flagstone is also complementary to other varieties of outdoor building materials, such as cultured stone, natural wood, and composite decking.

flagstone patio and Ipe deck with firepit
This flagstone patio design is beautifully paired with an Ipe hardwood deck!

Natural Stone Patios Are Low-Impact on the Environment.

Since flagstone is a natural material, there is little in the way of manufacturing. Most of the environmental impact of flagstone is in excavating and transportation. If you are looking for a patio design that is built with an eco-friendly material, natural stone will trump manufactured pavers every time, as pavers have a heftier manufacturing process.

bluestone flagstone patio with a seating wall and outdoor furniture
Beautiful bluestone flagstone patio design with retaining wall

How Will Your Flagstone Patio Be Maintained?

To prevent unwanted staining, a flagstone patio can be sealed with a non-glossy acrylic sealer. This sealing process can take place annually for the continued maintenance of your flagstone. Keeping your flagstone patio regularly swept clean of debris will also help to prevent staining, as dirt particles and leaves that are left sitting on the surface of your stone for prolonged periods, might stain.

deck stacked on a patio surrounded by a seating wall
Flagstone patio design with deck and stacked stone retaining wall

If your natural stone acquires staining, it can be cleaned with a muriatic and water or bleach and water mixtures. Some homeowners choose to have their stone patios maintained by a professional patio cleaner and sealer once a year to keep them looking beautiful. If you choose to perform a deep cleaning of your patio, be mindful that all remnants of your cleaning chemicals are quickly and completely rinsed away, as not to damage the stone.

If a natural flagstone paver ever chips or breaks, the piece can be removed and replaced.

Charlotte flagstone patio with water feature
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