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Charlotte Homeowners are Increasingly Choosing Travertine Tile for Their Outdoor Living Spaces

Five reasons why travertine is a solid choice for your patio

Charlotte Travertine Patio Built in Fire
When we think about patios, pavers usually come to mind as the only cost-effective choice. Truth is travertine tile is a fantastic choice for upscale outdoor living spaces without the exorbitant cost of exotic material, such as bluestone or marble. Archadeck of Charlotte is the leading builder of Charlotte travertine patio projects. In this list, we will offer five reasons that we have built hundreds of travertine patios in the Charlotte market.

1. Travertine is cost-effective.
Most of us consider project costs paramount to anything else when planning for patio construction. We want great materials at a reasonable cost. Travertine delivers both! Travertine patios offer design similarities to granite and marble but do not carry the same hefty price tag. As your preferred Charlotte travertine patio builder, Archadeck of Charlotte will provide you with a custom, designer patio without the designer cost.

2. Travertine is all-natural.
Why is this important? Travertine’s all-natural appearance means that its textures, colors, and patterns never look contrived or manufactured. Travertine comes naturally in a wide range of colors. From muted greys and cool beiges to deeper brown hues, and on to more exotic color choices, like rose gold, pink, or mauve! When it comes to color, nature does it better. Pavers are man-made and could lack the randomness of patterns that Mother Nature lends to travertine. Travertine patterns can appear dappled, veined (like marble), linear, or even appear to have almost no pattern at all.

Charlotte's travertine patio
Charlotte Travertine Patio 1)

3. Travertine is durable.
When considering a travertine patio project in Charlotte, durability must be high on the list of considerations. Your outdoor living spaces will be open to environmental elements, aside from the obvious…we walk on it, sit in chairs on it, and we will undoubtedly drop things onto it. Sun, rain, and extreme hot or cold temperatures are no problem for travertine. While travertine is very strong, it is worth noting that it is highly reactive to acidic substances. Travertine must not be cleaned or maintained with any sort of acid-based cleaners, manufactured or natural, like vinegar or salt.

4. Travertine is versatile.
Travertine tiles are cut into many shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of standard or customized installation choices. Travertine slats may be installed much like wood flooring for a sleek, modern air. More traditionally, square travertine tiles lend themselves to a standard grid pattern or more custom diagonal installation, also known as on-point. Additionally, travertine might be cut into the size of bricks, which accommodates the standard brick layout or more designer approach with a herringbone (zigzag) orientation. No matter your personal design choices, travertine has a color, pattern, and shape to fulfill it!

5. Travertine is environmentally friendly.
Most of us concern ourselves with the impact our building materials have on our environment. If you are of that mindset, travertine is an eco-friendly choice for your patio. What makes it so, is the lack of manufacturing processes. Once travertine is mined and extracted, it goes to a manufacturing facility for processing, which consists of cutting it to size and sanding the surface to achieve a uniform thickness. Other than that, travertine for patios might be cut and shaped to specification along its edges and sent on to resellers. One of the better design benefits of travertine is that it is mostly manufactured by Mother Nature, and not much else is needed to achieve the finished product!
(Travertine intended for interior uses will undergo a polishing and sealing process in addition.)

Archadeck of Charlotte is your premier Charlotte travertine patio builder, and we are ready to build the upscale patio you have dreamed about, without the large price tag you have feared! We will assist you with your travertine patio design from concept through fruition. Don’t be cornered by the idea of pavers, expand your vision to durable, cost-effective-beautiful, and natural travertine!

If you are looking for a new Charlotte travertine patio, give us a call for a free design consultation at (704) 850-6104 and a Design Consultant will contact you promptly.