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Why Gray is The "It" Color for Your New Charlotte Composite Deck

From fad to staple – five reasons why gray is here to stay.

For many years, the word gray was negatively received in the world of design, conveyed with adjectives like gloomy, sterile, and boring. This is not true today, however. Gray has positioned itself as a solid design color choice; first as a complementary shade, and later as the main color in our design palette. Today, many of our homes have lovely gray interior design accents, but what about outdoors? Have you considered gray as the choice color for your new Charlotte composite deck? We would like to introduce you to the gray hues offered by Trex and give you five reasons to choose gray for your new composite deck!

1. Trex Transcend Gravel Path (Earth Tones) – A Hue of Fond Memories
Imagine your grandparents’ front porch with rocking chairs. Slightly aged, but it feels like home. It’s a place of happy memories of long summer days, and evenings of lightning bugs and crickets chirping the day away. Trex’s Gravel Path is a hue of times past. Never boring or gloomy, but reminiscent of a deck that was once shiny and new, but now is made better by the passing of time with family and friends upon it. Make your deck like porches of old and create new memories with your own children and grandchildren.

Gravel Path Trex Deck Catawba River 1)
Photo Above: Trex Transcend Gravel Path

2. Trex Select Pebble Gray – Shiny and New for Years to Come
Pebble gray is a light gray hue, saturated just the right amount to look like freshly-painted wood. With no color variations and little texture, Pebble Gray is a color that looks brand new for the life of the deck. For those of us, who prefer a buttoned-up, perfectly neat outdoor space that will accent just about any exterior siding choice, this is the choice gray. It is very complementary to light-colored furnishings and railings but also works in contrast with darker exterior siding colors. Pebble Gray is a new gray standard.

3. Trex Transcend Premium Tropicals Island Mist – Distressed Perfection
Island mist is a fantastic mix of gray hues and shows lots of texture. It looks aged – even distressed, and it is all the rage for your new Charlotte composite deck! Island Mist is perfect for rooftop decks in Uptown Charlotte with urban furnishings, or your lakeside deck and covered porch with more traditional furnishings and accessories. What’s more, this hue is light, so full-sun exposure is no problem. Your Island Mist gray deck will not absorb a lot of heat like a darker color would. It’s just a beautiful, designer choice!

4. Trex Enhance Clam Shell – Hello, Sailor!
Leave it to Trex to create the perfect nautical gray and give it a name like Clam Shell. This color creates a neat and tidy deck effect, and it’s no surprise that it’s the perfect hue to accept bold nautical navy and white or red and white stripes. Clam Shell is a fantastic choice for your lakeside deck with custom nautical designer furnishings and accessories. This medium gray color is devoid of a lot of texture or “movement” and will look new for many years to come. Add railing with white posts and black pickets for the perfect contrast to your gray deck boards.

Trex Deck With Outdoor Shower And Custom Balusters Steele Creek 1)
Photo Above: Trex Enhance Clam Shell

5. Trex Select Winchester Gray – Be Bold
Who said gray cannot be dramatic? Winchester Gray is full of drama and high style. It is the quintessential bold color choice for your new deck. If you are looking for a gray that makes a statement, Winchester Gray is the hue for you! This dark gray offers so much audacity, your friends will gasp with delight at your own designer daring. Winchester Gray is proof that gray can be anything but standard or boring. Bolder still is its versatility! This color will accept a range of furnishings and accessories, and compliments just about any exterior siding color and material.

See Archadeck of Charlotte’s Trex composite deck Charlotte designs.

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