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Do I Need an Outdoor TV for My Porch?

More and more Charlotte area residents are bringing the comforts inside their homes out into their outdoor living spaces. We are designing many screened and open porches to accommodate outdoor TV viewing these days. Should you purchase an outdoor TV for your space, or simply use an indoor TV?

There really is something special about being able to bring indoor amenities into our outdoor living spaces. Archadeck of Charlotte has been designing and building custom porches in the Charlotte area for more than 30 years, and one of the most common requests we receive from clients today, is to include a space for mounting a TV in their design.

screened porch with TV
Piper Glen, Charlotte screened porch with TV

Choosing the Right TV for Your Charlotte Porch

While indoor TVs are less expensive than their outdoor counterparts, there are a few reasons that you should choose to invest in an outdoor TV for your new porch. You can expect to spend up to four times more for your outdoor television, but when it comes to peace of mind, you might find the additional cost to be worth the investment.

covered patio with outdoor TV
Cornelius covered patio with outdoor TV

Reasons You Should Choose an Outdoor TV

  • Indoor TV warranties will not cover outdoor usage. If you mount an indoor TV on your porch, and it becomes damaged, you will not be able to fix or replace it under warranty. Thus, you will be out the cost of the original TV and a new replacement – as well as the trouble to uninstall and reinstall.
  • Indoor TVs are built for ambient temperature ranges that are found in climate-controlled settings – temperatures that are comfortable for us indoors are suited for indoor TVs. Outdoor TVs are rated for much cooler and warmer temperatures to accommodate non-climate-controlled usage in outdoor spaces, such as screened porches, covered porches, patios, and even decks.
  • Indoor TVs often have glossier screen finishes, which might make them too reflective to properly view in an outdoor living space, where natural light flows through. Choosing an outdoor TV will give you the option to choose a model that is made for full light, partial shade, or full shade.

3-season room with TV and fireplace
Charlotte 3-season room with TV

As Your Porch Builder, We Can Design Added Protection for Your Outdoor TV

If your TV will be mounted in an area of your open porch or screened porch, which might be more open to the elements than you are comfortable with, we can offer built-in design solutions. For instance, we can create an inset space above your mantel, or even provide a custom TV cabinet enclosure to protect your investment.

Charlotte porch with TV
Charlotte porch with built-in TV enclosure

screened porch with TV​If you already have a TV on your porch, and you feel it needs additional protection, there are TV enclosures available.

Is an Outdoor TV Right for Your Porch?

While we recommend an outdoor TV for your outdoor living space, we understand that budget might be a concern. Also, many of us have an extra indoor TV, or one that we would like to replace, giving us an option to move an existing unit onto our porch. You may be able to get a couple of years of use with an indoor TV, due to casings that are not built for moisture protection, or to prevent possible rodent invasions, whereby wiring can become damaged. If you do use an indoor television outdoors, you can expect to replace it within a couple of years.

If you are ready to design the perfect open porch or screened porch with a TV for your home and family, Archadeck of Charlotte is ready to help! Give us a call at (704) 850-6104.