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Central SC Porch To Sunroom Conversions

Cozy sunroom

As your most trusted Central South Carolina outdoor living designer and builder, we want you to know that if you are considering converting your open or screened porch into a sunroom, in most cases, it is absolutely possible!

There is a lot to love about porches in the South. Summer days spent in a summer daze, sweet tea in hand, surrounded by family and friends on a southern porch, are a rite of passage for South Carolinians. Porches of the South are the model for porches in other parts of the country. Think rocking chairs and ceiling fans on a porch with room for large gatherings but quiet and quaint enough to make us feel like we’re the only people on Earth.

Another porch staple in Central SC is humidity – and in the summertime, it’s doled out in large doses. Sure, we have learned to endure the heat and humidity on our open porch or screened porch, and we get by. But have you asked yourself if the space might serve you better if it were converted to a sunroom?

Sunroom window details

We are specialty outdoor living builders – if your porch can be converted to a sunroom, we can do it!

It is essential that you choose an outdoor living builder for your porch-to-sunroom conversion project for many reasons. First and foremost, Archadeck of Central SC only builds outdoor living projects. We are knowledgeable about building sunrooms that truly live up to our clients’ outdoor living expectations. We custom-tailor each project specifically for one client’s home and family. It matters that your new sunroom is the perfect one for you, a space you’ll be able to enjoy any time, year-round.

Backyard view from inside the sunroom

Not only that, but we work diligently to keep our custom sunroom building projects on schedule and on budget. We are not a fly-by-night builder thinking they can somehow deliver on a custom sunroom project! We are a sunroom design and build firm, one that guarantees your project will be built per specifications and per contract. Along with that independent guarantee, we offer craftsmanship and structural warranties and manufacturers’ warranties.

Proper permitting then for your porch, proper permitting now for your sunroom construction

Permitting is a consideration when converting one type of outdoor living space to a different one. If you have an open or screened porch in Central South Carolina, that porch was permitted before building. Once your porch was built, it passed proper inspections before it was deemed a safe and usable living space. Before a conversion, your structure must be re-assessed to sunroom structural specifications.

Screened porch with sea view
—Imagine converting this lakeside screened porch to a sunroom ; the views!

Fact is, we would never assume an existing porch structure is sturdy enough to carry the weight of a sunroom. Porches do not weigh as much as sunrooms do, so we always recommend that the foundation be reinforced for such a conversion. Sunrooms have framed walls with windows, and that weight must be accounted for when planning to modify the structure. It’s not just about adding walls – it’s about properly adding walls and keeping your family safe from structural failures. Archadeck of Central SC will make certain your structure is sound before beginning your porch-to-sunroom conversion.