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Raleigh At-Home Sanctuary Features A Hot Tub and Three-Season Room

What makes your house feel like a home? Is it having a place where you can go to escape? Is it having a place of renewal? That’s what this Raleigh family was seeking when they asked Archadeck to transform their outdoor living space with the feel of an at-home sanctuary or spa.

To achieve these goals, we designed and built a customized, three-part plan. First, we extended the deck to span the entire length of our clients’ homes. Then, we added a three-season room in one half of the newly extended deck. Third, we added extra support under one section of the open deck to support a new hot tub. The resulting spaces offer the homeowners a chance to soak up the sun, unwind in the water, and relax with a cool breeze.

Three-Season Room with Hot Tub On Attached Deck

Five-Star Three-Season Porch

To begin creating this at-home outdoor sanctuary we first expanded the existing deck. Then we used half of the expanded deck as the base for a new three-season room. This combination offers the homeowner a blend of open-air breezes and indoor comforts. Special design features include floor-to-ceiling porch windows, a vaulted ceiling, and an open gable roofline. Skylights lend the space an airy outdoor feeling and extra light. A white tongue and groove ceiling brightens the space even further and gives it a more finished, interior look.

Raleigh Deck Builder

The floor of the three-season room differs from the open deck, further delineating the two spaces. The wooden flooring is set in a tongue and groove pattern and stained with a natural dark brown color, giving the space a cozy feel. The color contrast between the brown floor and the white ceiling mimics a typical interior style – making the porch feel like a natural extension of the home.

To finish this look, we installed a bronze Eze-Breeze cabana door and antique bronze vinyl porch windows, trimmed in white. With Impressions Rails in bronze, the color scheme is carried throughout the entire structure for a sophisticated and peaceful feel.

TimberTech Deck with Hot Tub Support

In addition to constructing a new three-season room where the family can relax, we also added a hot tub on the deck for the homeowners to enjoy.

deck builderComposite decking is a popular choice for flooring under a hot tub because of its strength and durability against moisture. For this Raleigh project, we chose TimberTech Terrain decking in Brown Oak. The decking is an excellent color match for the three-season room flooring, and it has the benefit of never needing to be stained, painted, or sealed. We also built in extra support for the area of the deck where the hot tub would be located, in order to account for the increased weight of a full hot tub.

Please enjoy the gallery below to see how Archadeck worked closely with this Raleigh family to create the precise outdoor sanctuary space they desired. If you’re ready to transform your backyard living space, please give us a call today: (919) 446-5585. We look forward to working with you!