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Curved Deck Designs - Beautiful but Worth It?

At Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham, you dream up your perfect outdoor living space and we build it. However, with some design elements, we feel it’s important to spend a little more time reviewing the pros and cons of that choice. Given the growing popularity of composite decking, deck layouts have become a little more creative and curved decks have become more popular. There is no doubt that a curved deck presents a stunning aesthetic, but there are some drawbacks to consider when exploring this popular deck option.

The Benefits of a Curved Deck Design

Curved decks are known for their stunning appearance. They can easily become a showpiece for your backyard while also providing a lovely place to relax or entertain. The improved quality and increased availability of gorgeous composite decking options from AZEK and TimberTech provide the inspiration for creative curves. Today’s curved decks feature the work of skilled carpenters who can expertly bend fascia boards for a spectacular finish.

curved deck accent

There are many benefits to choosing a curved deck.

  • High fashion options for second levels or bump-outs.
  • An ideal gathering place for an on-deck fire pit and a built-in curved bench.
  • One-hundred-and-eighty degree plus views in an inviting panoramic space.
  • Complement rounded architectural features of your home, such as turrets.

The Challenges of a Curved Deck Installation

With so many benefits, some of our prospective clients are surprised to learn there are some significant disadvantages to consider when considering a curved or round deck design. The main drawback is the increased expense when compared with a rectangular deck of similar square footage.

A curved deck design requires varying lengths of joists and deck boards. These factors result in:

•more cuts
•more waste
•more materials
•more labor
•more cost

In addition to needing more materials, labor costs can rise due to the complication of the design. Ordering materials is more involved due to the various lengths of joists, deck boards, and varying connection points. Planning footings in the design is also more complicated. And lastly, stair placement, design, and installation are more challenging when connecting to a curved edge.

curved composite decking​Lastly, some homeowners find that their patio furniture doesn’t fit as well on curved areas as they do on square or rectangular decks. This can require increasing the square footage of the deck in total to offset the potentially wasted space found in the curves where the furniture does not fit.

The bottom line of a curved deck is that they look gorgeous and offer some beneficial design for specific cases. However, some homeowners do not find the benefits outweigh the increased cost. Our expert design team can help you determine what goals are most important to you, and how to achieve them.

If you’re considering adding a curved deck to your home, call Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham and the Greater Triangle today to start with a design consultation: (919) 446-5585. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your deck design will meet your needs for both function and aesthetics.