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Three Types of Porches – Which One is Right for Your Nashville Home?

Do you automatically think of screened porches when you hear the word “porch”? Many homeowners do! Screened porches are extremely popular because they provide shade while keeping insects away. But screened porches are not the only option.

3 Types of Porches – Which is Right for Your Home?

Open porches, also called covered porches, provide reliable shade, too. Like a screened porch, an open porch gives you a place to install a ceiling fan so you can enjoy cooling breezes all summer long. Covered porches are especially popular in poolside settings.

On the other hand, many homeowners prefer the third type, a 3-season porch or 3-season room, for its versatility. Add infrared heaters for warmth and there will be very few “too cold” days for enjoying your porch every winter.

3 Types of Porches – Which is Right for Your Home?

Your Archadeck of Nashville design consultant can help you determine which type of porch best fits the way you want to enjoy your outdoor living space. For planning purposes, it’s important to think about how much you would like to use your porch during the cooler months. This article is a good place to start gathering information: Screened Porches Vs. 3-Season Rooms.

Two Ways You Can Enjoy Your Porch During Nashville’s Cooler Months

Most “porch people” can find ways to enjoy a porch in Nashville almost year-round. If you love spending time on a porch, you’ll love our suggestions for enjoying your porch each year during the cooler months. If you take either one – or both – of these suggestions, you will be comfortable on your porch even when the thermometer suggests otherwise. We’re talking about outdoor infrared heaters and the Eze Breeze system of porch windows.

3 Types of Porches – Which is Right for Your Home?

Infrared heaters are perfect for cold-weather porch comfort. We recommend these amazing, energy-efficient outdoor heaters for all of our Nashville porch clients now. Unlike the old space heaters, these newer heaters are safe to use, and they are just as effective on open porches as enclosed porches. They have also become more affordable even as they’ve become more popular. We mount them near the ceiling, and they warm you (safely!) as their invisible infrared rays travel through the air. Read more: Creature Comforts For Your New Nashville Porch.

3 Types of Porches – Which is Right for Your Home?

The second way to keep the chill out of your porch is to make it a custom-built 3-season porch. With the Eze Breeze system of windows and screens, you can slide the windows closed when it’s cold and open again when it’s warmer outside. Combine the EZE Breeze 3-season porch with a couple of infrared heaters and you’ll be all set each year when fall and winter roll around.

No Matter What Type of Porch You Want, the Time to Start Talking with Us is Now!

When is the sweet spot here in Nashville for adding a new porch to your home? Actually, the best time to start talking with us at Archadeck of Nashville about adding a covered porch, screened porch or 3-season porch is right now. No matter what type of porch you want, the answer is the same: Give us a call now!

3 Types of Porches – Which is Right for Your Home?

Why is now the best time to start this conversation? Because like all reputable contractors, our project schedule is booked up pretty far in advance. You need to allow plenty of lead time for design iterations, simply because some project designs take more time than others. Your porch design must be finalized – and your contract signed – before we can add your project to our construction schedule.

3 Types of Porches – Which is Right for Your Home?

You may be wishing you had lined up your porch project months ago so you could already be enjoying a new porch by now. We understand that feeling. The best remedy is to move forward as soon as possible. The sooner we start the conversation, the sooner we can schedule your project, order materials and obtain the building permits we will need. If you wait until spring to contact us about adding a porch to your home, your new porch won’t be ready to enjoy this spring.

Another Advantage to Planning Your New Porch Now: Cost Savings

You can save on the cost of materials for your new porch if you contact us soon for a design consultation. That’s because we still have time to design your new porch and purchase materials before the end of 2021. Manufacturers and suppliers are known for raising prices of building materials in the first quarter of each new year. If you already know you want to add a porch, why wait? We recommend moving forward now to lock in your costs before the 2022 price increases.

3 Types of Porches – Which is Right for Your Home?

Do you have a porch right now that doesn’t meet your needs? We can help with that, too! Archadeck Of Nashville Asks – Is Your Current Porch Ugly Or Non-Functional? It may be time for a porch upgrade at your home. If that’s the case, let’s talk about turning your open porch into a screened porch or 3-season porch.

Whether you want to add a covered porch, screened porch or 3-season porch, we would love to design and build your project. Why wait? Contact Archadeck of Nashville today to schedule a design consultation for your new or expanded outdoor living space.