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Creature Comforts for Your New Nashville Porch

Cozy custom screened porch

To make the most of Nashville’s glorious porch season, all you need are a few creature comforts! And maybe good friends, a good book, or a good movie. While Archadeck of Nashville celebrates porch season all year long, we know temperatures here do get a little cold for a porch in the winter. We have just the solution for you.

Creature Comfort Options and Considerations for Your New Nashville Porch or Screened Porch

Fall is definitely porch season in Nashville. As the air turns crisp, there’s no place like a screened porch to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Unfortunately, perfect porch conditions won’t last once winter’s chill sets in. Will that send you inside to wait for spring? Not necessarily!

Stay “Porch-Warm” with Infrared Heaters

If you haven’t used an infrared heater outdoors porch yet, you are in for a wonderful surprise. You may have heard that space heaters are not very effective on a porch. That’s true for old-school space heaters, but infrared technology is quite different. Instead of warming the air, the infrared heater emits waves that warm anything in their path. That includes you!

Custom porch with infrared heaters

This fall, and into the winter, stay cozy and warm on your new Nashville porch with an infrared heater. They’re energy-efficient, safe, and clean. Unlike the harsh light emitted by some other electric heaters, infrared emits only a soft glow and has no odor. Can you tell we’re fans of these amazing radiant energy heaters? The infrared heaters we install for our clients who want more porch days each year are from Infratech.

Infrared heaters on porch
— Infratech heater on porch.

Infratech heaters make such a difference to your comfort on a porch we recommend them to all of our Nashville porch clients now. This technology will dramatically increase your outdoor living season during the in-between months. If you love your porch time, you will LOVE having a porch with an Infratech infrared heater.

Staying Cozy on Your Nashville Porch this Fall

Picture yourself on a crisp, fall Friday afternoon, working from home on your comfy couch – on the porch! You may have a warm throw and a cup of coffee, but you’ll be able to wiggle your toes in the warmth of your infrared heater. Breeze through your work while listening to leaves rustle and watching the colors of fall take shape.

Any night after a tough day, you’re ready to relax on the porch and let your cares fall away. Why go out? Enjoy the comforts of home on the porch with your girlfriends, some wine, and throw blankets all around. Your infrared heater will make it possible. Unless your friends have infrared heaters on their porches, too, your new porch is destined to be the gathering place of choice.

Family playing games

A weekend night at home with the kids, movie night … on the porch? Yes! Bring the popcorn and everyone’s favorite beverages out to the porch because you’re all going to stay warm and cozy – if your porch is equipped with an infrared heater. Enjoy!

Nashville Porch + Outdoor Fireplace = Amazing Ambiance

Custom screened porch with outdoor fireplace

There’s nothing like an outdoor fireplace for ambiance, and that’s true on a porch as well. Whether you are looking to add a screened porch or open porch, we can design the perfect porch and outdoor fireplace combination. Hours spent in front of the fireplace are some of our favorite times, and that goes double when your fireplace is on your porch. Would you prefer a crackling wood fire or hypnotic gas flames in your outdoor fireplace? You decide!

Outdoor TV on Your Screened Porch? Yes!

Cozy custom screened porch with outdoor fireplace

Have you been wondering if you can have a TV on your screened porch? You can! Watching movies or sports can feel like a special event when you’re outside on the porch. Movies with the family are more fun on the porch! As the air gets chilly this fall, let Archadeck of Nashville design your new screened porch to include a TV and an Infratech infrared heater. Creature comforts never felt so good!

How Many Amenities Can One Porch Hold?

So many of our “creature comforts” today are powered by electricity, so when we’re designing your porch we can include plenty of outlets! The days of one or two electrical outlets on the porch are gone, gone, gone. Easy access to outlets makes everything easier. How else will you hang your festive and fun string lights around the inside of your porch? No limits! Bring out the lamps, your laptop, the TV (of course!), your music, and video games.

Custom screened porch with fireplace

If you plan to entertain on your porch, why not set up a wet bar for easy access to your favorite cocktails? You may need more outlets if you want to plug in your compact fridge, blender, and margarita machine! Archadeck of Nashville is in favor of making your porch time more enjoyable!

We want to make your porch time special, warm, and cozy by designing and building a porch with all your favorite amenities. Contact us today to learn more by calling (615) 640-3628, or send us an email at

Screened porch and deck