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TimberTech EDGE, PRO or PVC? How to Choose Between These Three Options

Part 3 of our 3-part series featuring new products and features from TimberTech and AZEK.

In Part 1 of this series, Archadeck of Nashville wrote about the expanded TimberTech and AZEK product offerings including different width deck boards and their different cap configurations. In Part 2 we explored the possibilities of combining AZEK and TimberTech products in the design of your outdoor living projects. Today’s installment winds up the series with a look at how to choose between the company’s three product lines for your primary low-maintenance decking material.

You’ve made your decision between synthetic/composite and wood decking; you’ve chosen to go with a low-maintenance decking material. This was a big step and helps you move forward with planning your new or replacement deck project. Now you face your next decision: Which low-maintenance decking product will you select? If you’ve been reading about the excellent qualities of TimberTech’s products, and you choose TimberTech low-maintenance decking, you’ll still need to narrow it down.

Which TimberTech Product Will you Choose? Your Priorities Will Drive Your Decision

We mentioned in Part 1 of this series that TimberTech offers three lines of decking:

• TimberTech AZEK™
• TimberTech PRO™
• TimberTech EDGE™

TimberTech by-AZEK's new product line

To clarify one point that might be confusing, the TimberTech AZEK™ boards were previously known simply as AZEK, a solid PVC product also called synthetic decking. The PRO and EDGE products are known as composite decking. These boards are made with a combination of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic. All TimberTech decking boards are covered with a durable polymer cap. TimberTech AZEK™ and TimberTech PRO™ are capped on four sides, and TimberTech EDGE™ is capped on three sides.

Composite Deck with Fireplace and Seating Walls

There’s no need to get totally bogged down in the branding and marketing of these three product lines. You just need to pick one. But where do you start?

We recommend you start by getting clear about your priorities. Otherwise, you might go around in circles trying to compare these three excellent product lines. They’re all great. Most deck designers and builders would be happy with any of them. And yet, you still must choose one. So let’s get started.

30 and 25 year warranties

Priority: Longevity

A quick look at the different warranties for these decking boards will tell you a lot about the anticipated lifetime of each:

• TimberTech AZEK™ – an industry-best lifetime product warranty and 50-year limited fade & stain warranty
• TimberTech PRO™ – 30-year product warranty and 30-year fade & stain warranty
• TimberTech EDGE™ – 25-year product warranty and 25-year fade & stain warranty

All TimberTech decking materials are resistant to splitting, splintering, rotting or structural damage from termites or fungal decay. The warranty for TimberTech AZEK™ decking additionally covers cupping, blistering, peeling, flaking, and cracking.

If longevity is your top priority, and budget is not an issue, you would be wise to choose TimberTech AZEK decking boards for your Nashville deck.

Priority: Color and Texture

If looks are everything to you, then you have quite a bit to look at in TimberTech decking. Each of their three product lines features a different array of colors and textures.

TimberTeck AZEK decking
— AZEK Harvest Collection.

TimberTech AZEK™ offers three collections: Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest, with a total of 17 color choices. Colors range from variegated to warm and earthy to soft, calming tones.
Textures range from natural woodgrain patterns to traditional woodgrain embossing.

TimberTech pro terrain decking
— TimberTech Pro Terrain decking.

TimberTech PRO™ offers three collections: Legacy, Tropical, and Terrain, with a total of 16 color choices. Colors range from dramatic to saturated to natural.
Textures range from hand-scraped to pronounced woodgrain to dual-embossed grain patterns.

TimberTech Edge collection
— TimberTech Edge decking.

TimberTech EDGE™ offers two collections: Premier and Prime, with four color choices and a touch of woodgrain texture.

Priority: Price

You can expect the price range for TimberTech decking to reflect each product’s longevity, the number of color options, and the degree of wood-like texture. If the price is your highest priority, TimberTech EDGE™ will be your most affordable option. Many homeowners find the cost of TimberTech EDGE™ comparable to that of a wood deck when they factor in the cost of wood’s annual maintenance. An additional price benefit over wood is that a TimberTech EDGE™ deck will look great for at least 10 years longer than a well-maintained wood deck.

Priority: Sustainability


If your top priority is sustainability, you can’t go wrong with any TimberTech decking products.

• Synthetic and composite decking saves trees, making it more environmentally sustainable than building with wood.
• TimberTech AZEK™ capped polymer (synthetic) decking is made from up to 36% recycled material.
• TimberTech PRO™ and TimberTech EDGE™ composite decking is made from reclaimed wood and up to 73% recycled plastic.
• Scrap from TimberTech’s manufacturing process goes right back into the mix.
• TimberTech recycles water during the manufacturing process.
• Because TimberTech does not require painting, staining, or sealing, it eliminates use of environmentally harmful paint, sealers, and stains.

If you’re ready to make low-maintenance part of your outdoor living lifestyle, call us today at (615) 640-3628!

Capped polymer decking, made from up to 36% recycled material
Mold and mildew resistant
Can use heat-bending for custom curved deck designs
Enhanced UV protecting gives better heat dissipation

Made from a combination of plastic and reclaimed wood: ground wood flour and recycled plastic
Closely emulates the look of traditional hardwood
Entry-level pricing for budget-conscious homeowners

Low-maintenance – no need for sanding, staining, SEALING.
Better holding power and hidden fastener options, to eliminate popped screw heads
Save thousands of trees annually
Polymer cap protects from foot traffic, scratches, staining and fading
Splinter-free, barefoot comfort.

Archadeck, best warranties, best in class customer services, 30+ years

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