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Top 7 Reasons You Want to Choose a Deck Builder to Build Your Deck

This is not a trick question: How do you find the best, most reliable, most qualified Nashville deck builder? The short answer: Contact Archadeck of Nashville. We are your Nashville-area deck specialists.

The long answer: Like many consumers, you will probably type "deck builder” into an internet search engine and see what listings come up. Will you take your chances with the listing that rises to the top? (Did you know companies can pay to show up at the top of the list? It doesn’t mean they’re bad, but it doesn’t tell you whether they’re qualified or recommended.) What if that company is not a specialized deck builder but a general contractor that just happens to build decks? Is that good enough for you?

If you want your deck to be built correctly, and built to last, will you select a specialist or a generalist?

• Deck specialist: A deck builder; a company that specializes in designing and building outdoor living structures.
• Generalist: A general contractor who knows something about building lots of different kinds of projects.

Top 7 Reasons You Want to Choose a Deck Builder to Build Your Deck

Nashville TN Deck Builder

1. Experience.

We design and build many, many decks. In addition to the specialized deck experience Archadeck of Nashville brings to each job, our clients also benefit from the experience of Archadeck’s network of experts. Archadeck has been building decks since 1980 and is a nationally-respected custom deck building company. Each local owner/operator such as Archadeck of Nashville is backed by a support organization providing engineering and technical guidance. Our architectural drawings are prepared by professional draftsmen based on specs we provide after working out design details with you, the client.

A lack of experience can lead to a deck that isn’t structurally sound. Archadeck’s designs ensure structural integrity based on years of hands-on experience in outdoor living space design and construction.

“Russ and company did an excellent job of redesigning and replacing our old, worn out deck… We have been through enough remodel jobs to tell the very good work from average. This deck is built to last! Nice job guys.”
— John S.

2. Materials – including the best low-maintenance decking materials.

Do you want to consider the full range of available decking materials, not just pressure-treated pine lumber? There’s a reason why smaller companies don’t work with low-maintenance decking products – and a reason why upscale builders like Archadeck do.

Nashville TN low maintenance deck builder large

Building with low-maintenance deck materials requires specialized training. Archadeck builders receive training directly from the manufacturers of products like TimberTech AZEK. With these newer materials, we are not simply hammering nails into boards. If your low-maintenance decking materials are not installed correctly – with the right fasteners and using correct techniques – you have two problems. Your deck may not be structurally sound, and your general contractor’s ineptness may actually invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

Not only do we have the technical knowledge to install the best low-maintenance deck materials, we have access to better pricing on many brands. Archadeck has an established national relationship with several preferred material vendors.

3. Trends and custom designs.

We work with decks every day, and we follow design trends. We’re up to date on new products including new railing styles and the latest in deck lighting. With our knowledge and experience, we are in the best position to suggest design ideas you may not be aware of.

Nashville TN low maintenance deck builder large

You should expect your deck builder to add value by working with you to design your own unique outdoor living project. Every project we design and build is custom-made for that one client and their home. One of our goals is to make sure your new outdoor living project blends seamlessly with your home’s architectural style. A one-size-fits-all deck project will not meet these criteria.

“Archadeck removed our deck and built a larger deck for us. Russell provided great ideas and design for the new deck. The builders were courteous, neat, and timely. We are very pleased.”
— Beverly N. of Antioch, TN

4. Qualifications.

You’ll need to check references to be sure your deck builder is qualified to build the deck project you have in mind. Are they properly licensed, insured, and familiar with local building codes? Do they have the project management skills to handle all the details involved? How many projects like yours has the contractor done? A reputable deck builder will not object to answering these questions; they will expect you to ask.

5. Professionalism.

Nashville Deck Building Codes

Archadeck follows a precise project methodology and we devote meticulous attention to every single detail. It’s the details that can make or break the safety and success of your deck project. Part of our process includes conducting a comprehensive needs analysis to help identify exactly what you’re looking for. We will give you an exact price quote, a detailed contract, and a specification sheet before we begin construction.

“Russel, Lee and the whole team at Archadeck were great to work with. Quality and attention to detail were truly outstanding on our large custom deck project. They were professional and responsive and provided great customer service… We are thrilled with the project and highly recommend them.”
— Moira T.

6. Reviews.

We encourage you to read our reviews. If you want to speak with clients, we will provide contact information.

5 Stars

“Working with Russell of Archadeck was a streamlined and pleasant experience. From the initial contact to the completion of our deck he constantly communicated with us and listened to our feedback. The finished product was exceptional and greatly exceeded our expectations… Out of every contractor we have ever used, he was the most professional, courteous and dependable. We would highly recommend him and his company!”
— D.B.

7. Warranties.

1 and 5 year warranties

All Archadeck projects, including those designed and built by Archadeck of Nashville, are backed by two warranties and a guarantee.

• Our 12-month warranty covers workmanship – meaning we’ll fix anything that’s not right.
• Our 60-month warranty covers structural issues such as the foundation, integrity of framing, and roof leaks, etc.
• Our guaranteed insurance program protects clients if your local Archadeck office cannot complete a project due to death, illness, or going out of business. The Archadeck corporate office guarantees that your residential outdoor living project will be completed to the terms of your Archadeck contract and built to the agreed-upon specifications. Professionals from another Archadeck location will come in and complete your project.

In addition to the above, aspects of your project will be covered by manufacturers’ warranties on the materials we use.

A Proven Nashville Deck Builder You Can Trust

There is only one way to know you’ll have a deck you can enjoy, worry-free, for many years to come. Hire Archadeck of Nashville to design and build a custom deck that’s perfect for your home. A high-quality deck is an investment that can pay huge dividends in the form of years of enjoyment and an enhanced quality of life for your family.

If you are looking for the most qualified Nashville deck builder, call us today at (615) 640-3628!

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