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What's New at AZEK & TimberTech in 2019?

Archadeck of Nashville is proud to offer high-quality synthetic decking choices like TimberTech and AZEK to our clients. We stay in tune with new decking technologies and on the pulse of design changes and trends. With this in mind, TimberTech and AZEK have a lot of new announcements for 2019! In part one of this three-part series, we explore the new dimensional changes and options in decking boards.

New Products from TimberTech and AZEK: How wide? How many sides?

Recent product announcements from TimberTech and AZEK are not just about durability and sustainability – they’re about expanded design choices as well. At Archadeck of Nashville, we realize that when it comes to our clients’ preferences and priorities, one size does not fit all. Should your new Nashville low-maintenance deck be traditional composite, capstock or PVC? What’s most important to one homeowner may be secondary to another.

Herndersonville TN Composite Deck Contractor

We take our cues from you. If selecting decking materials with the maximum longevity is your most important consideration, we will guide you with that priority in mind. If aesthetics and design possibilities are what get you excited, then that’s where we’ll start as we work with you to design the perfect deck for your home.

Fresh Nashville Deck Designs with Multi-Width Decking

One of the most exciting new products from TimberTech is the multi-width decking in their AZEK Vintage collection. We love it. These decking boards now come in narrow, standard and wide widths, and together they increase design flexibility exponentially. Consider using one width for the decking “field,” which is the primary surface area of your deck, and another width for borders, parting boards and accents.

Timbertech Multi width decking

Nashville deck builder Archadeck of Nashville has always offered custom deck designs specific to each client’s home and personal preferences. Now, having three widths of AZEK Vintage decking expands our custom design possibilities. We like the layout options for large decks with specific areas for lounging, grilling and dining. Decking boards in different widths can help differentiate these areas visually. Multi-level decks, too, will look great with surfaces differentiated by the various widths of decking boards.

TimberTech by AZEK multi width decking for dynamic nashville deck designs

You’ve heard of patios with pavers arranged to give the appearance of a rug on the patio? Now we can easily accomplish that design with decking boards as well. We are just getting started when it comes to carrying out the many ways multi-width decking is going to rock your world.

Composite Decking Protects with 4-Sided and 3-Sided Capped Options

It’s time to take a new look at 4-sided and 3-sided capped composite decking boards. TimberTech has arranged their product lines and price points to give you several options for your new deck or replacement deck. The good news is that regardless of the option you select, all are visually appealing, low-maintenance and offer longevity beyond that of natural wood.

TimberTech by AZEK's new product line

All the selections in TimberTech’s AZEK line are PVC products, so they are fully capped with the protection of a polymer finish. TimberTech provides a 50-year fade and stain warranty with AZEK decking boards – the best warranty in the industry.

• 4-sided cap composite boards: If you prefer the look of composite decking with some wood content, the TimberTech PRO line provides exceptional protection and longevity. The polymer cap surrounding the decking board on all 4 sides seals out moisture completely. TimberTech’s PRO line decking boards have a 30-year fade and stain warranty.

• 3-sided cap composite boards: TimberTech’s most affordable decking boards, their TimberTech Edge line, are capped on three sides to stand up to foot traffic and the assault of rough weather. The 25-year warranty takes you well beyond the life of a wood deck.

timbertech deck builders

If low-maintenance decking is important to you, the design possibilities seem endless! Let Archadeck of Nashville help you sort it all out.

Next in Our Series: Part 2: AZEK or TimberTech? How about both? Stay Tuned!

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