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Why Should You Use a Professional Patio Builder to Build Your New Nashville Patio?

At Archadeck of Nashville, we’re not surprised to hear questions like this one. Here is our answer: Why wouldn’t you use a professional patio builder to build your new Nashville patio?

When you think about the new patio you want for your Nashville-area home, what qualities seem most important to you? What considerations stand out as your priorities? Here’s a good place to start:

  • You want your patio to look great.
  • You want a patio specifically designed to suit your tastes in terms of color, materials, size, and shape. When it comes to Nashville patio design, our custom spaces are made to order.
  • You want a patio built to the correct technical specifications so you can count on enjoying it for many years to come.
  • You may even want a patio designed and built in conjunction with other outdoor living structures like a deck, screened porch, pergola, fireplace, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. Archadeck of Nashville is the one company that can do ALL of that for you! And more.

Nashville patio as part of an outdoor living combination space

You can find a variety of companies and individuals eager to build a patio for your Nashville home. While Archadeck may not sound like the name of a patio company, Archadeck of Nashville is actually a highly-qualified and experienced Nashville patio contractor. We are not new to this line of work.

Why You Should Select Archadeck of Nashville as Your Patio Designer and Builder

  1. We meet or exceed Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) standards and construction guidelines with each and every patio we design and build. Not every Nashville patio builder can make this claim. Patio construction is complicated. We follow the industry’s best practices. We know how to determine the recommended paver size for your specific patio. By paying careful attention to variables like soil density at your location, we can prevent patio settlement and reduce seasonal movement of your pavers.

    Archadeck of Nashville follows the most stringent quality building steps as recommended by ICPI. For example, when preparing the pavement foundation, including soil subgrade and base, we know the technical requirements for base thickness that apply to your particular installation. ICPI recommends a minimum 4-in. thick base for patios and walkways. Some landscapers only put down a thin layer of bedding sand. Before long, their clients see weeds popping up through their patios.
  2. Archadeck’s unprecedented 5-year warranty covers the structural integrity of all of our projects – including our patios and other hardscapes. You will not get this protection from another builder. In addition, Archadeck provides a 1-year workmanship warranty and a 2-year performance warranty for your patio.

    What about your patio paver manufacturer’s warranties? You may think you can take those manufacturer’s warranties for granted, but you need to know whether your patio contractor has brand-specific training. With Archadeck as your patio builder, you know those manufacturer’s warranties won’t be voided by improper installation.
  3. For many of our hardscape designs we use high-quality Belgard pavers for their consistent beauty and durability. Do you prefer the time-worn look of Belgard’s popular Dublin Cobble® paving stones or the more contemporary look of their beautiful outdoor porcelain pavers? When our clients browse Belgard’s many paver options and see the wide variety of colors, shapes, and surface types, rarely do they have trouble finding several they love. The hardest part is narrowing down their selection!

Archadeck of Nashville uses Belgard hardcapes extensively

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Nashville Patio Lifestyle?

Are you ready to build a patio in the Nashville area? Are you looking for the shade protection of a Nashville covered patio? Many of our clients choose a patio design with a portion of the patio covered and a portion exposed to the elements. This kind of ultra-practical patio design provides protection from UV rays and rain showers. You’ll stay cooler under a covered patio – especially if you include a ceiling fan or two in your patio design. The uncovered patio area will become your favorite place after the sun goes down. There’s no finer spot than your own patio for sitting under the stars at night. Add a fire pit to that custom patio and your pleasure doubles.

Archadeck of Nashville is your local Belgard patio contractor

This is the bottom line when it comes to selecting the best Nashville patio designer and installer. Archadeck of Nashville is capable of doing more than landscapers can, and we design better outdoor living structures, patios included. We have the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience you will not find with a landscaping company – or any other patio builder.

When you add a patio to your home, you’re investing in your family’s enjoyment. You need a company you can trust, Archadeck of Nashville, to get the job done correctly – and beautifully. Don’t forget that last part.

If you’re looking for the most qualified professional patio designer and builder in the Nashville area, and one that offers financing for your project, contact us today to learn more by calling (615) 640-3628!

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