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Unsurpassed Curb Appeal is Yours with a Stunning, New Front Porch

Whether you’re putting your house on the market or you’re simply tired of the way it looks, we have three words for you: Front. Porch. Makeover!

That’s right. Adding a front porch to your home or creating one that’s bigger and more alluring will dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal. You don’t have to be selling your house to enjoy the thrill of a having home with amazing curb appeal. Treat yourself!

The front of your house is its face. That’s where your home greets the world. Have you ever thought about what your home’s face is saying to friends and family when they arrive? What is it saying to neighbors when they walk or drive by – and to you, when you return home each day?

This front porch design features square columns and a shed roof

Archadeck of Nashville believes your home’s façade should represent you and your sense of style and hospitality. There’s no better way to accomplish that than by having a new front porch designed with those intentions in mind. With a custom front porch design that’s thoughtful and intentional, your home’s curb appeal will go through the roof! (Pun intended!)

Benefits of Dramatically Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a New Front Porch

A new front porch or portico addition gives your Nashville home a new face

  • Be the envy of the neighborhood! With a beautiful front porch, your home will become a point of reference for your neighbors. You’ll raise the standard for everyone around you. Don’t be surprised to see others follow suit!
  • Increase your home’s resale value! If you’re planning to sell your home, boosting its curb appeal is a no-brainer. Is your realtor not encouraging you to make any changes quite this bold? Archadeck of Nashville promises that if you add a new front porch, or improve an existing front porch, your realtor will approve. Emphatically.

Classic Rocking Chair Front Porch With Ceiling Fan Nashville Tn

  • Make your home an even more beloved treasure. There’s a deep, emotional value to putting your own stamp on your home and making it yours aesthetically. You’ve worked hard to design your home’s interior to reflect your tastes and your style. That may be true for your landscaping, as well. Coming home every day to a front porch designed just to your liking brings special satisfaction – even joy – that can’t be matched.
  • Increase the value of the time you spend outdoors. Sitting with family and friends on the front porch harkens back to a simpler time. Whether you remember the “good old days,” or they were before your time, you’ll find porch time is quality time. Furnish your new front porch with comfortable rockers or porch swings – or both! – and spend time there with folks who enjoy human interaction and quality discussion.
  • Gain a peaceful place where you can unplug and feel grounded – again. Need we say more?

Want More Reasons to Add a New Front Porch to Your Nashville Home?

  • HOA restrictions – If your neighborhood’s heavy on restrictions, it may be easier to get approval for a front porch than a larger structure added to the back of your home. You should be given extra credit when you add a front porch with so much curb appeal it enhances the entire neighborhood!


  • Residential Zoning Regulations – If zoning setbacks have kept you from building the backyard space of your dreams, a new front porch could be your answer. You may discover that a wonderful front porch was what you needed all along.
  • Protection from the elements – How many times have you dashed from the car to the front door only to get drenched trying to unlock it? How many packages have been soaked because the sky opened up after a package was left on your doorstep? How long has it been since you sat outdoors on an open porch and enjoyed the sight, smell, and feeling of gentle rain falling all around you?

A custom-designed and -built front porch dramatically adds character to a home like nothing else can. And yes, a home’s character and charm contribute immeasurably to its curb appeal! When you work with an Archadeck of Nashville front porch designer, we’ll help you choose the perfect materials to create the front porch of your dreams. We’ll install the ceiling fans and you supply the rocking chairs!


Could your home use a front porch makeover? Whether you have a few front steps or a small porch with barely room for a doormat, adding a custom-designed front porch will boost your home’s curb appeal exponentially. Contact us today to learn more by calling (615) 640-3628

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