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The Importance of Having a Professional Design and Install Your Nashville Patio

Are you considering a patio or custom hardscape for your Nashville home?

patio with seating wall and built in firepit

If the answer is yes, it is important to learn the differences and consequences involved in choosing the person to do the job. Many folks may claim they can build a patio, but when it comes to hardscapes, there are aspects of this work, which are better served by a professional. This article covers the buyer beware situations that can arise from trusting a novice to build your patio. Let us differentiate between an Archadeck of Nashville patio and a patio built by two guys in a truck.

paver patio bricks

A Nashville paver patio can be a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy time with friends and family, but a lot of work goes into creating that space. There is an art of precision in properly installing pavers. The Dutch perfected and modernized the art in the 1940’s with the Holland Stone Paver. If pavers are installed properly then they can last a lifetime. A well-constructed patio requires proper placement, leveling, grading and/or excavation; base layers of gravel or sand; stone or paver installation; edge support and joint filler.

A professionally-built patio requires a lot of know-how and access to the proper equipment. There are numerous considerations that need to be addressed before digging into any type of hardscape project. For example, what determines its size and placement? Should the patio be created with or without regard for the rest of the landscape? What is necessary to set the elevations at the appropriate height? What would one use to lift and remove or reuse the soil to accommodate base materials for the patio? Is it important to plan for lighting and irrigation, and if so, what needs to be done as part of the preparation work? What comprises the base materials, and is it installed as one load or in increments? Why is the sand important to the base? How does one begin to create a pattern for the patio surface?

Screened in porch with patio extension

Here at Archadeck of Nashville, we adhere to the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) standards for all our patio designs. ICPI sets the standards by which paver patios and walkways are constructed. Our first step in patio installation is to begin with a solid base, or foundation, to work from. We achieve this by applying an aggregate base with an additional layer of sand for the pavers to sit in on top of serving as the foundation. Both layers are compacted to ensure no movement or settlement in the future. This solid base will ensure the patio will remain flat indefinitely and will keep it from being subjected to freezing, thawing and other soil conditions caused by the elements.

edge of couch with a yellow blanket hanging from it, showcasing patio floor​One of the most crucial planning elements that go into proper patio design is accounting for drainage — “there’s nothing worse than having a swimming pool where your patio table is going to be”, explains owner Russell Henderson. This can be a tedious task on properties that have any type of slant or slope or depending on the type of soil you have.

Archadeck of Nashville uses the Belgard paver line. Belgard is one of the industry’s top manufacturers of hardscapes such as pavers and retaining walls. As the premier manufacturer of pavers in the country, Belgard offers the perfect combination of quality, beauty, selection, and value. This provides several benefits.

paver patio with outdoor pool

4 people hanging out on their patio with firepit​First, a professionally installed Belgard paver patio is very low maintenance. It will probably not need to be sealed and, in the unlikely event that a ground stone is broken, each can be replaced individually. The flexible joints shift without cracking and stay looking great over the long term. Second, Belgard offers a multitude of paver colors, finishes, shapes and sizes, to truly customize your design. Take a look at our patio & hardscapes photo gallery for more inspiring paver patio images.

A skilled professional, such as our hardscape experts here at Archadeck of Nashville, will be able to address any unknowns which come up on patio projects. Choosing a seasoned, knowledgeable patio builder will ultimately enable a space which can be more readily enjoyed because you know your project was built right.

With all the important basics and nuances that go into constructing a paver patio that will stand the test of time and deliver you years of outdoor living enjoyment, it just makes sense to hire a professional patio builder to handle this type of project. You can reach us at (615) 640-3628, or send us an email at

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