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In Angola IN Archadeck Is The Undisputed Expert In Designing And Building Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

Well known as the one true expert in the design and construction of custom outdoor living spaces throughout Angola IN, Archadeck takes great pride in creating custom outdoor living structures here.

Depending on our home improvement clients’ needs and how they want to live outdoors, we design and build the space that is truly personal and unique for them. Every project we build is custom, unique, and expertly crafted.

Archadeck Wants To Be Your Angola Deck Builder

At Archadeck in Angola IN, we’re proud to say we’ve been designing and building decks for homeowners throughout the Northeast Indiana region for more than a decade.

Our mission and goal are the same today as it was 10 years ago: to bring the best to our customers, in every aspect possible, in the outdoor living experience.

That includes not only the best design and craftsmanship but also the best materials. When you think of decks, think of Archadeck in Angola IN.

When we say decks are our business, to put it more succinctly, they are our passion. Just take a look at our deck photo gallery to prove a point.

If your idea of outdoor living luxury is all about lounging on your new outdoor living structure, without a care in the world (one would hope), then our custom low maintenance designs are right up your alley.

Living Well Is Important

We are confident that when you meet with us, you’ll get a strong sense of the importance of using this professional Angola IN deck builder who constantly exceeds our client’s expectations in design, service and construction.

To our credit, our dedication to our Angola deck builder craft and unparalleled professionalism shines through in our client service, our attention to detail, the quality of our work, and more.

Discover all this and more for yourself by calling us for a no-obligation complimentary design consultation at 855-931-4746.

This Angola Patio Builder Wins Rave Reviews For Custom Design And Flawless Construction

In our Angola patio builder business, word travels quickly. And thanks to our rave 5 star reviews and unsolicited testimonials from our Angola patio builder clients, we have the privilege of being known as the expert Angola patio builder.

If you, too, want one of the best patios around, you’ll need to call this Angola IN patio builder, Archadeck, at 855-931-4746. Like everything Archadeck builds, we start your patio with a pleasing design reflecting your style and the way you want to enjoy your outdoor space. Each of our outdoor living creations is custom designed specifically for one client’s home, and every project we work on includes the words “design and build.”

Will a new or improved patio add value to your home? The answer to this question is invariably, YES!

Not only will a new or improved Angola IN patio add monetary value to your home, but it will also add visual interest and incalculable emotional value. A new patio is an investment in your future and your home’s future. Whether you’re adding an outdoor living space in order to sell your home at a higher price, or you’re looking to enjoy your patio upgrade for years to come, you’ll be thrilled with the return on the investment you’ll receive on your outdoor living spaces.

Three Outstanding Builders In One, We’re Your Angola Porch Builder, Too

Outdoor living spaces are very personal – one size or concept is not perfect for every family.

This is why when you visit our website photo gallery, you will see a vast collection of custom concepts that add value to each and every family we call our clients.

For example, here in Angola IN, building a patio can be a great way to extend your daily living options and address the feeling of outgrowing your house interior. Here are several benefits of adding a patio:

Outdoor Living Space: A patio provides an additional area for relaxation, dining, and entertainment. It essentially expands your living space beyond the confines of your house, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while still at home.

Versatility: Patios can be designed for various purposes, such as hosting barbecues, family gatherings, or simply providing a quiet space for relaxation. You can customize the patio to suit your needs, making it a versatile extension of your living area.

Increased Property Value: Well-designed and functional outdoor spaces, including patios, can enhance the overall value of your property. Potential buyers often find appealing outdoor areas to be a significant asset when considering purchasing a home.

Connection with Nature: Spending time outdoors has numerous health benefits, both physical and mental. A patio allows you to connect with nature, enjoy fresh air, and take advantage of natural sunlight, contributing to your overall well-being.

Expansion of Social Spaces: If you enjoy entertaining guests, a patio provides an excellent space for socializing. Whether it's a small gathering or a larger party, the outdoor setting can create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Relaxation and Recreation: A patio can be a retreat for relaxation. You can set up comfortable seating, add plants or a garden, and create a peaceful oasis for reading, meditation, or other leisure activities.

Seasonal Enjoyment: Depending on your location, a patio allows you to make the most of different seasons. You can use it for sunbathing in the summer, enjoy the colors of fall, or even set up outdoor heaters for cozy winter evenings.

Enhanced Aesthetics: A well-designed patio can enhance the overall aesthetics of your property. You can choose materials, colors, and landscaping elements that complement your house's style, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Praise From Our Clients Is One Thing – But The Proverbial Cherry On Top Is Accolades From Our Professional Building Peers

Archadeck is pleased to share some insight into this award-winning deck design in Angola. This Trex composite deck is the result of design persistence and cooperation with other trades to give this homeowner the lakefront view he longed for – right by the water!

As for the praise, it comes from our Archadeck family of professional outdoor living space designers and builders worldwide.

Here’s the background.

This client came to us a few years ago to build a Belgard hardscape retaining wall on their sloping lake frontage. Fast forward to a few years later, they contacted us once again, with something all-new in mind for their lakeside home. On the docket was a special Trex deck, sitting right over the water, which would allow them to enjoy the beautiful waterfront locale in a way like never before.

Our expert team went into this project sensibly, knowing that the steep hillside landscape would present design challenges. Not to complain – we were up for the challenge. As such, due to setback requirements and topography, our custom composite deck design went through a few iterations before they were approved by the planning and building departments.

To create a level and sturdy deck foundation, we had to cut into the hillside, and then install helical piles. We then built the deck atop the helical piles.

For this project, we used Trex Enhance decking in Beach Dune finish. To perfectly complement the low-maintenance requirements of this deck, we added Westbury Tuscany railings. This low-profile railing and black finish offers protection on the deck, while not impeding the beautiful lake view.

It's design, function and inherent beauty at every turn and dimension, balancing beauty and practicality.

Craig Whitman Invites You To Enjoy A Comprehensive, Complimentary Design Consultation

Your Angola master outdoor living champion builder, Craig Whitman, welcomes your call to 855-931-4746 to uncover what would be the perfect structure or combination outdoor living space to best suit the needs of you and your family.

You can also click this link to connect with Craig and his team right now – right here.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

Attention To Detail At Every Step of The Process

All Archadeck projects start with a phone call so we can learn more about your outdoor living project and to schedule our initial, in-person design consultation. Once you do get started with us, you will be protected by two separate guarantees, constituting the most expansive customer protection plan in the industry. Local oversight also assures your property and privacy are respected. We attend to every detail from securing any needed building permits, to the final cleanup, and we work very hard to be as unobtrusive as possible during the entire construction phase.

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