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Archadeck of Fort Wayne Designs Patios That Soothe, Excite and Wow!

There is nothing like a warm Fort Wayne, Indiana, day spent on the patio – and trust me, patio season will be upon us sooner than you realize. Will you be patio ready? If not, Archadeck of Fort Wayne can help you get there.

Deck and patio with white railing and patio furnitureSpring, summer, fall … any season is patio season if you don’t have to wear a heavy coat to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re in Columbia City, Fremont or Ashley, IN, you know a good patio day when you see one. And whether you’re in Fort Wayne, Hamilton or Auburn, IN, you also know a good patio when you see one.

If you want one of the best patios around, you’ll need to call patio builder Archadeck of Fort Wayne. Like everything Archadeck builds, we start your patio with a pleasing design reflecting your style and the way you want to enjoy your outdoor space. Each of our outdoor living creations is custom designed specifically for one client’s home, and every project we work on includes the words “design and build.”

Reach out to the Archadeck team today at (855) 931-4746.

Will A New Or Improved Patio Add Value To Your Home?

The answer to this question is invariably, YES! Not only will a new or improved patio add monetary value to your home, it will also add visual interest and incalculable emotional value. A new patio is an investment in your future and your home’s future. Whether you’re adding an outdoor living space in order to sell your home at a higher price, or you’re looking to enjoy your patio upgrade for years to come, you’ll be thrilled with the return on the investment you’ll receive on your outdoor living spaces.

You Can Build Your Dream Backyard in Stages

Archadeck of Fort Wayne will happily accommodate your need for iterative improvements on your patio, deck, or outdoor living space with our phased building program. We will work with you to design the backyard of your dreams as a complete concept, then break each component down into a phase of building. This is a great way to achieve the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted with a build schedule that is manageable and phases designed to meet your budget needs.

Selecting Your Fort Wayne Patio Materials

Patio with flowers and chairs

The primary design consideration for patios is whether you want to use manufactured pavers, natural stone or poured concrete. Not only does your selection set the tone for your outdoor living space – rugged or irregular versus smooth and symmetrical, for example – it also determines the project’s price range.

Patio with built in planters and steps

We also need to know whether you want your patio to match the colors of other nearby materials in your outdoor living space. We can help you select patio materials to complement an existing deck or porch adjacent to your new patio. Sometimes that means matching the color of your low-maintenance, composite decking boards, and sometimes it means providing contrast from light to dark.

Paver Patios Satisfy Multiple Requirements

Covered patio with chandelier

There are so many styles of manufactured pavers available today it’s almost hard to talk about them as just one category. Pavers offer versatility and are the most durable patio material. We often work with Belgard pavers, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You can select uniform pavers if you prefer a regular pattern instead of more random pavers that mimic the irregular edges of natural stone. We can combine different sizes of the same paver to achieve a mosaic-like pattern or work with only one size for a tight, traditional pattern such as herringbone. Some pavers even look like porcelain tiles but offer extra durability.

Patio with tiled pattern

A growing trend is the permeable patio. We can design your permeable patio by spacing pavers to leave room for gravel in between them or by working with porous pavers. Most permeable patios include layers of gravel and sand under pavers. This kind of patio is popular because it’s so environmentally friendly. It also reduces the likelihood of standing water where mosquitoes could breed and algae could grow.

When Only Natural Stone Will Do for Your Fort Wayne Patio

It’s hard to match the beauty of natural stone. Are you naturally drawn to flagstone, bluestone or travertine? Natural stone is the more expensive patio material, but when you have a favorite kind of stone and you want to use it for your patio, it’s okay to splurge. The patio will be part of your home and you plan to spend a lot of time enjoying it, so it’s extremely important to select materials you’ll love.

Consider the Affordability and Versatility of Stain and Stamp Concrete

Patio with built in kitchen & barbecue

If affordability is your priority right now, Archadeck of Fort Wayne can design and build a stunning patio for you with a stained and stamped concrete design. Stain and stamp patios are popular because of the cost savings but also because of the design possibilities they offer. With an almost infinite range of colors and an array of stamp designs, we’re certain to find a look you’ll love. We can create a stain and stamp concrete patio that mimics granite or flagstone … you decide!

Stained concrete patio with sitting wall

One way we can customize a stain and stamp patio is by mixing colors to get a custom color that’s just right for you. We can also add subtle variations in color by combining a base color with a secondary release color. If you haven’t seen a patio like that, and it’s hard to visualize, we can show you examples.

When a Patio Needs a Kitchen … or a Fire Feature …

Patio with kitchen and bartop

We won’t tell you how to use your patio, we’ll ask you how you want to use it. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, your patio should facilitate that lifestyle. An outdoor kitchen adds immeasurable functionality to a patio by creating an outdoor space where you have everything you need. Whether you prefer a full kitchen with grill, smoker, griddle, refrigerator, sink, storage and prep areas – or just the basics – let us design the perfect outdoor kitchen for your home.

Deck with white railing

An outdoor fireplace increases the sense that your patio is a refuge from the cares of the day. Archadeck of Fort Wayne can create that escape with a wood-burning or gas-burning fireplace. Combined with additional hardscape elements such as a retaining wall, pillars and steps, an outdoor fireplace can add a dramatic flair to your outdoor living space.

Patio with built in firepit

If your space is limited and can’t accommodate a full fireplace, consider a fire pit. Any fire feature, large or small, creates a cozy patio setting and will provide family and friends with hours of contentment.

Combine Structures for Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Overhead view of patio with hanging plants

If you have a deck or porch and want to add a patio, we call that a combination outdoor living space – one that includes two or more structures. We find any combination results in a space that’s more than the sum of its parts. When you have more than one component you not only gain additional space, you have areas you can designate for lounging, cooking, dining, etc. Be creative! Mix and match the elements of outdoor living you enjoy most.

Multi-level patio & deck

Looking for a Patio Builder Near Me?

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is northeast Indiana’s premier custom patio designer and patio builder. Our hardscape designs are built to last and to love. If you’re considering a patio – alone or in combination with other outdoor living elements – Call us today at (855) 931-4746 or send us an email to get started!

Visit our patio and hardscapes photo gallery for more ideas!

Owner Craig Whitman & Archadeck logo
— Craig Whitman, owner at Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

It all begins with a complimentary design consultation, so give us a call today at (855) 931-4746 to get started.

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