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Will adding or updating my deck or patio space add value to my Fort Wayne home?

Will adding or updating my deck or patio space add value to my Fort Wayne home?

When it comes to Fort Wayne deck and patios combinations, there really is only once choice for superior customer service, exquisite design and superb craftmanship throughout the building process. And that is Fort Wayne deck Builder Archadeck.

Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

Over the years, we have mastered the art of providing joyous experiences for Fort Wayne outdoor living new projects, extensions and Fort Wayne patio replacements.

We start our process with a free at home design consultation so we can explore what you have in mind. Our premier Fort Wayne deck builder team will ask pointed questions to help determine what features and conveniences you are looking for and then make recommendations for your consideration based on your budget.

Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

Start with a Realistic Budget and Enjoy Your Return on Investment Down the Road…

During our design consultation for your new deck, patio or combination outdoor living space, when we ask about what budget you have in mind, invariably the question comes up, “Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

The answer is an unequivocal “YES,” from two perspectives.

The first is the obvious expectation of dollars and cents, which is what you were probably anticipating. But the other that can best be expressed is emotional value, which is virtually priceless.

Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

The precious moments you will spend with family and friends on your new deck and patio will be cherished for a lifetime.

Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

How do you measure the enjoyment you gain from a new outdoor living space? Perhaps by the number of hours you will spend relaxing on the new deck or patio. Or perhaps by the way it becomes the preferred gathering place for your family and even your closest friends, which is a real blessing.

Think of Your New Deck and Patio as an Investment in Your Future – Emotionally and Financially

Some of our clients have Archadeck of Fort Wayne add a new deck or patio in preparation for the selling of their home, looking for the best ROI – Return on Investment.

Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

Based on our experience, the projected return on investment will fall within a range. For example, Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report indicates that a homeowner can expect a ROI as high as 80% from a new wood deck, based on its size and features. For a 16x20 deck custom built using pressure treated deck boards, the expected return is 66% -- or an improvement of $11,000 in value.

To achieve the best ROI on your deck, here are four things to keep in mind:

1. Seal it

2. Add lighting and other functional accessories

3. Include a full railing or drink rail

4. And maintain it to preserve appearance

Why do wood decks yield a higher financial return when selling your home? It’s not that home buyers necessarily prefer wood decks. But compared to using Earth-friendly composite decking material, it costs less to build a wood deck so recouping those costs are easier.

Today’s Housing Market May Result in a Higher ROI

It’s no secret that the demand for existing houses is at an all-time high nationally, with home sellers often receiving multiple bids on their house listing and realizing a greater financial return than they originally anticipated.

Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

Given this new dynamic, another source indicates that ROI for patios and decks can reach or exceed 100%. Again, it depends on materials used and size of the project, but that financial forecast is compiled information from “multiple studies.”

If you’re listing your home for sale, your Realtor® will probably caution you not to expect those results. For many homeowners, however, the knowledge that their new deck or patio can make their home more attractive to buyers is welcome. History proves that a beautiful and functional outdoor living space should help your home generate more offers and sell more quickly.

The Difference is in the Details

With Archadeck of Fort Wayne as your deck designer and deck builder, we’ll walk you through additional “small” design decisions that deliver a big impact.

One deck detail that appeals to many Fort Wayne homeowners is deck lighting. Deck lighting components include tiny LED fixtures mounted on a deck’s posts, railings and/or stair risers. Deck lighting can be subtle and effective at the same time. It adds ambiance to your deck after dark and increases your safety on deck stairs, too. And by using low voltage outdoor lighting, you’ll be saving money in energy costs.

Will a new deck or patio add value to my home?

Because we create custom deck designs, we’ll explore additional deck amenities that can make a difference in the look and functionality of your deck. Examples of these custom details would be integrated bench seating and privacy screens. No detail is too small—or in some cases, too large—for our attention and craftsmanship. We want to design and build the perfect deck that meets your needs in terms of aesthetics, function, longevity and maintenance.

We are proud to provide the finest new deck and patio additions throughout Fort Wayne and the 9 surrounding counties, including the Angola and Syracuse Lake areas and golf communities such as Cherry Hill, Sycamore Hills, Autumn Ridge, Glendarin, and Chestnut Hills.

Northeast Indiana’s Premier Deck and Patio Builder is Ready When You Are!

Archadeck of Fort Wayne can transform your existing backyard space into a haven of style, function and versatility. Visit us here and schedule your no-obligation design consultation. As your premier Fort Wayne outdoor living deck and patio builder, we look forward to hearing from you!

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.

Craig Whitman, owner Archadeck of Fort Wayne.