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How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Screened Porch to a 3 Season Room?

Transform your screened porch to a 3 season room with Archadeck of Charlotte

At Archadeck of Charlotte, a popular project we take on is converting an existing screened porch into a 3 season room. This is called a porch conversion or a porch retro. Homeowners call on Archadeck to help them upgrade their screened porch. This typically involves replacing screens, decking, ceiling, and accessories. When asked how much it costs to convert a screened porch to a 3-season room, the answer isn’t as easy as one number. Because no two projects are the same, the price heavily depends on the shape of your existing porch, the size of your space, materials, permitting, and more.

Let’s take a look at this Rock Hill, SC Porch Retro

Retro Porch
This existing screened porch served for many years as an outdoor retreat for these Rock Hill homeowners. After thinking about it they decided it was time to call Archadeck to help them transform their screened porch to a 3 season room.

Project Details

This Rock Hill Porch Retro consisted of a bit more than simply replacing the porch screens. The scope of this project included the following:

  • Demolition of the porch walls, stairs, decking, and ceiling
  • Re-decking the existing deck in Pressure treated pine
  • Rebuild a T&G Pine ceiling
  • Reframe porch for 4-track windows
  • Install Eze—Breeze Windows
  • Install a new door
  • Add a drink rail in wood around the porch
  • Re-deck the stairs outside of the porch in TimberTech Dark Cocoa decking

As you can see, this porch was much more than simply replacing screens with windows. Porch conversions require strong attention to detail to preserve the existing porch while changing the interior and exterior.

How much did this Porch Conversion cost?

After evaluating the space and scoping out the specs of this project, the final cost rang in around 22K. We commonly hear “We are just replacing the screens with windows” but people don’t consider that it requires much more than just popping out the screens. Porch conversions can range in cost depending on your situation but it’s safe to assume you will pay anywhere from 15-30K.

screened porch to 3 season room

Are you searching for charlotte sunroom builders?

When looking for charlotte sunroom builders you may notice contractors offering 4-track windows Although Archadeck of Charlotte technically doesn’t build sunrooms, 3-season rooms are typically mistaken for a sunroom.. 4-track windows transform your porch into a space you can enjoy year-round around Charlotte. EZE breeze windows are designed for versatility allowing you to control the airflow of your room. They are also water resistant, unlike a sunroom which would be water-proof. Eze breeze windows hold in heat and cool air better than a typical screen, adding a fireplace or fan to your porch can help combat the weather.

Ready to transform your porch into a 3-season room?

Look no further than Archadeck of Charlotte. Our expertise, craftsmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the go-to porch conversion experts in the area. Contact Archadeck of Charlotte today to begin your porch conversion journey and experience the ultimate in comfort, style, and functionality. (704) 850-6104.