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The Top 5 Reasons Your Charlotte Deck Design Must Include Outdoor Lighting

So you’re thinking about adding a new deck! That’s exciting, especially if you’re planning to work with Archadeck of Charlotte to design and build it. Have you also given any thought to including outdoor lighting with your deck installation? We work hand-in-hand with our sister company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, so the best time to think about lighting your new deck is at the very beginning of your planning process.

If you’re uncertain about including deck lighting in your Charlotte deck design, let us put that uncertainty to rest now!

Here we offer the top 5 reasons you absolutely must have deck lighting!

  1. To ensure safe footing on the deck stairs, for family members and guests. While anyone of us could make a misstep on the stairs and take a tumble, it’s especially worrying to send a grandparent down dark stairs. A flashlight can help, but some of us have been known to drop the flashlight before reaching our destination! And what about the kids? While the words “be careful” don’t even register on their tiny ears, they may refuse to go down and play in the yard because the steps are too dark.

    Charlotte Deck Design Lighting

    We have the perfect spot to install tiny lights for safety on the deck stairs—it’s the part of the stairs called the risers, the vertical boards connecting a step with the steps below and above. In the photograph, these stairs are especially wide so we installed four tiny deck lights on each riser. When we build narrower stairs, we usually place one light on each riser or one on every other riser. A little light can make a huge difference when it comes to safety.
  2. Pet safety on stairs is important, too! If you have an older dog, lighting the deck stairs is one more way of helping him live out his life comfortably. If he has to make nightly trips down the steps, love is giving him lightly to see his way out and back in.
  3. Our third reason for having deck lighting is to help your guests see where they’re about to sit! A Charlotte deck design with built-in bench seating is great, but have you seen someone about to sit down and miss the bench in the dark? Ouch! With LED lights discretely placed under built-in benches or below deck railings, you can give your guests a safe “landing.” Charlotte Deck Lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
  4. To see your food! Part of enjoying a great meal is the visual experience. Everyone loves eating dinner out on the deck, but in the flickering candlelight, it can be hard to differentiate the mashed potatoes from the dinner roll. You can take the guesswork out of dining with a few strategically-placed light fixtures. Charlotte Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can work with Archadeck to incorporate lighting into your deck design, and they’ll help you select the lights you want.

    Charlotte NC Deck Design Lighting
  5. To enjoy your deck after the sun goes down. Five days out of seven, most of us don’t get home until dark or close to it. Do you really want to give up enjoying your beautiful new deck most nights of the week? Why relegate the deck to weekends only? With deck lighting, you can practically double the amount of time available to spend enjoying your new deck. When you choose to add deck lighting to your Charlotte deck design, you’ll get to meet with our lighting designer who can show you clever and subtle ways to light a deck.

Don’t let your deck lighting be an afterthought. Planning for outdoor lighting in your deck design will enable us to position the electrical wiring efficiently instead of having to go back in and install it later. We’re pretty sure you’re going to want deck lighting!

Archadeck of Charlotte is celebrating 30 years of service in the Charlotte market. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, the best and oldest outdoor lighting company in Charlotte, is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Call Archadeck of Charlotte today to start talking about your new deck design, and be sure to mention you want to add deck lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte! To schedule your free consultation, give us a call at (704) 850-6104, email us, or fill out the form on this website and a Design Consultant will contact you promptly.