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Roofed structures: pergolas, porches, patios, 3-season rooms, and sunrooms

Now more than ever, homeowners are choosing to add protected outdoor living areas to their homes. At Archadeck of Central SC, we design and build a great number of roofed structures for our clients each year. What types of structures? What are their uses? Are there any concerns with adding a new roofed structure to your home?


Our clients are following the trend of creating outdoor living spaces that meld with indoor living areas. Archadeck of Central SC designs new porches, patios, and multi-season rooms that are a fusion of the best elements of the indoors and out. Adding one of these protected structures to your home could be the answer to making your unused outdoor space, usable.


Porches and covered patios

Archadeck of Central SC is a trusted designer and builder of porches and covered patios in Columbia and the surrounding area. If you are considering adding a porch to your central South Carolina home, you have choices.

Covered porches

Covered porches are probably the most classic outdoor living space in the South. Many South Carolina homes boast expansive covered porches, echoes of yesteryear, and their appeal is simple – even for back yards. A covered porch will provide shelter from sunshine and rain, giving you great use of your back yard in the hottest months of the year. Our custom open porch designs can include full electrical hook-ups for the addition of indoor amenities such as ceiling fans, lighting, TVs, and surround sound.

Covered patios


A covered patio is a functional equivalent to a covered porch in many ways. The same types of roof structures can be built over patios as porches. We also offer Renaissance patio covers and pergolas. The terms are basically interchangeable. If you think of a covered porch as a framed-floor structure, you might call a covered patio a masonry-floored area at ground level with a porch roof or pergola atop it. If you are looking to create a backyard escape just a step outside your door, a covered patio is a great option.

Screened porches


If you love the idea of sitting on your porch with more protection from the elements and insects, a custom screened porch is the answer. Our screened porches range from rustic to luxurious and all points in between. Screened porches are also steeped in tradition in our area, but they have come a long way over the years. Screens of today are stronger, yet less visible, than those of the past. You can enjoy extra-wide openings with new screening, allowing for the most open view possible with less porch wall framing. With Archadeck, you can choose pressure-treated wood, cedar, or even aluminum framing for ultimate low maintenance.

3-season rooms

Exterior view of custom three season room

If you want to take your screened porch to the next level, and enjoy many more hours of use each year, consider adding windows such as Eze-Breeze windows or comparable window systems. These porches offer even more wind and rain protection by way of vinyl 4-track windows added to screened openings. You can choose your level of airflow from zero to 75% open. What’s more, if the air temperature is cool, but the sun is bright, you can use your Eze-Breeze room just like a sun porch – enjoying the warm sun on a cool day!


Patio and pergola design

First and foremost, clients who are looking for a custom pergola might have a striking design in mind. Pergolas make a fantastic design focal point for a backyard space. The best part is, they add a degree of sun and rain protection to an open-air space, augmenting the usability of that space. Our pergolas are built with pressure-treated wood, cedar, and low-maintenance materials, such as aluminum. Whether you are in the market for a custom-designed pergola or a standard Renaissance pergola, Archadeck of Central SC can provide it.


Custom sunroom

Sunrooms are an Archadeck of Central SC specialty! Adding a new sunroom home addition will give you the best use of your space, as it will be usable year-round. Our sunrooms feature large windows, insulated walls, HVAC, and any sort of design embellishments you can dream of. A sunroom will give you a truly flexible indoor/outdoor living space, adding true livable square footage to your home.

Why choose Archadeck to add a roofed structure to your home?

Archadeck of Central SC is the premier outdoor design and build specialist in central South Carolina. As an experienced porch and multi-season room builder, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to expertly tie in a new roof to your existing roof. Cutting into your existing roof structure is not to be taken lightly and should not be entrusted to just anyone. When penetrating an existing roof, much care must be taken to create proper structural tie-ins. Damage to the existing roof must also be avoided at all costs. This means preventing broken shingles, damaged flashing, or improper guttering to eliminate water penetration and imminent damage. You can trust Archadeck to provide the best roofing attachment, free of damage and future woes.

If you are ready to discuss a new roofed structure for your home, Archadeck of Central South Carolina is here to serve you. Just give us a call at (803) 784-1566 or drop us an email at

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