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Why You Should Not Buy A Sunroom In A Box Or An Enclosure Kit

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Archadeck of Central SC agrees that many good things come out of a box. These include birthday gifts, engagement rings, and even Chinese take-out if you have a craving for such. However, choosing to go with a prefabricated sunroom kit for your Columbia-area home is not on anyone’s list of out-of-the-box favorable mentions.

Over the years, we have seen homeowners experience the pitfalls of trying to install sunroom kits. These range from inferior installation to overall client disappointment. The aesthetics and quality of these sunroom kits are poor, because out-of-the-box additions such as these are almost always filled with false promises. While their lower cost may be appealing, you end up investing in a space that isn’t going to fit the ideal you have in mind. This is especially the case if you’re looking for a custom sunroom addition.

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Top Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Use A Sunroom Kit:

Lack of Customization

Sunroom kits by definition are not custom-designed to complement the architecture or individual specifications of your home. They are better described as appendages that are stuck onto your house. Sure, you can find a company who will install what they tout as a custom sunroom, but these prefab structures never look original to your home. Sunroom kits have limited customization options like window placement or door style. With these products you’re not getting a room built for your home, you’re getting a room trying to look like it was made for your home.

Structural Issues

In addition to a lack of aesthetics, structural issues are high on the problem list when it comes to sunroom kits. With many of the sunroom kit projects we have remedied or removed, we have found dangerous structural problems. The most frequent examples include:

  • Absence of inspection prior to installation
  • Additions not meeting applicable building code
  • Inadequate substructures

A roofed structure such as a custom porch or outdoor room can carry a weight of 15,000 – 30,000 lbs. When this weight is added to an inadequate substructure, problems can and will occur. Although fabricated rooms are relatively light, often the deck or patio they are added to was not built to sustain a permanent addition.

Custom sunroom and deck with white railing and staircase

Lack of transition and design flow

Here at Archadeck of Central South Carolina, we design and build custom sunrooms that transition perfectly into your existing home. Transition is important when considering an outdoor room addition. Because a true custom sunroom can add significant value to your home it’s important to have it designed, planned, and built properly. A sunroom addition shouldn’t detract from the existing architecture of your home. Instead, it should be a flawless addition with always been there appeal.

With minimal customization, poor quality, and no thought given to transition and design flow, a sunroom from a kit is not going to enhance your home. After all you’ve done to make your home beautiful and comfortable, adding a cheap, flimsy sunroom structure can be a jarring mistake. Your home deserves better, and so do you!

Sunroom kit costs may seem attractive, but inevitably they will cost you more in the long run

Our advice is to make sure you hire a licensed, professional contractor when embarking on any sunroom or outdoor room project. Archadeck of Central South Carolina is the company that provides you with customized designs, top-notch craftsmanship, and superior quality results. We want happy, satisfied lifetime customers. Each of our custom sunrooms is built to Archadeck’s stringent quality control standards. We make the effort to ensure your new sunroom is everything you ever imagined it could be, and more!

Get in touch with Archadeck of Central SC today to discuss your new custom sunroom addition! You can reach us by phone at (803) 784-1566 or via email at

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