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We hear it all the time: You should always get 3 quotes when planning a home improvement project such as a deck, porch or sunroom.

We also quite often hear from our customers, “I’m still waiting to hear back from the other guy,” or, “I can’t even get them to return my calls.”

Getting multiple quotes makes a lot of sense. But not for the reason you would expect. If you are buying a known commodity, such as a specific brand of car, then it makes sense to see which dealer will give you the best deal. Because while dealer service is important, when you drive a new car off the lot it should perform pretty much the same no matter where you bought it.

However, a major home improvement expenditure is not a commodity. You might receive significantly different experiences in two areas: the process and pain of construction, and the end quality of the product you receive.

So talking to multiple home improvement companies will provide you with a myriad of important information about those companies. For example:

  1. Ideas of what to build – and what not to build,
  2. A good feel for the professionalism of the companies you are talking to,
  3. A chance to hear from the company representatives about what makes them different – and determine if those things are important to you.
  4. And, of course, price.

Think of selecting a contractor as you would hiring a new employee. First, you want to look at their resume – for a contractor that would mean looking at their website and reviewing their independent reviews (Google) online. Then you want to set up an interview to meet with them to see if they are worth considering. Do they show up on time? Are they someone you can work with? Do they know what they are talking about? Do they have thoughts and ideas that add value to your project?

Only when you find the right candidate do you really start to talk salary (with a prospective employee) or cost (with a contractor). While salary is an important hurdle to get through when interviewing a prospective employee, you would rarely make that the main reason you select one candidate over another.

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I’ve hired a lot of people in my career. Sometimes you have to interview lots of candidates to find one that feels right. Other times you know right away that a candidate is perfect for the job. Rarely would I be locked in to having to meet with X people before I can make a decision. When you find the right candidate you often quit looking any further.

So coming back to the idea of getting 3 quotes – would I like you to only look at my company when you want someone to build your deck, porch or sunroom? Sure. But I’m also happy to have you look at several others, because I know that Archadeck of Central South Carolina will stack up well. We probably won’t be the cheapest option, but I believe we will be the best overall value when you factor quality, positive construction experience, warranty, and price.

Are you ready to get quotes on your outdoor living home improvement project? Get in touch with Archadeck of Central SC today to schedule a free design consultation. You can reach us by phone at (803) 784-1566.

Company owner
—Marshall Reu, Owner, Archadeck of Central SC