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What are the benefits of a central South Carolina sunroom in the spring and summer?

Archadeck of Central SC has been building sunroom additions in the Columbia area for more than 15 years. Sunrooms are among our most requested outdoor living designs and have become our specialty. What makes them so popular?

Sunroom windows

When we speak with our clients, our first objective is to define their specific outdoor living needs and match them with the perfect outdoor space. Many times over the years, we have recommended sunrooms for our clients. The beauty of sunroom building is that just like any other outdoor design, sunrooms can be custom-tailored to our clients’ personal tastes and living style. There is nothing wrong with open-air decks, porches or patios, but consider these benefits offered only by sunrooms!

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We are your trusted source for Central SC custom sunrooms.

1. Just say, “no,” to pollen and allergens in your sunroom sanctuary!

As central South Carolina residents, we are well aware of the incredible amount of pollen that plagues us each springtime. Those chartreuse clouds of pollen are a most unwelcome sight, but for asthma and allergy sufferers, it goes much deeper than the resulting mess and impending clean-up. If anyone in your family suffers yearly with the arrival of “pollen season,” a sunroom is a fantastic solution for outdoor living. Don’t allow yourself or your loved ones to be held hostage next spring. A custom sunroom design will offer you the opportunity for outdoor living, even when the pollen counts are at their highest!

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2. Look great and feel fresh while enjoying your central SC sunroom, no matter the humidity!

Summer is a beautiful time of year in the south! We southerners love a sweet iced tea while enjoying our favorite outdoor space. Thing is, all that warm air can be accompanied by terrible humidity. We have all attended a backyard cookout or garden party from which we just wished we could escape! Our clothes sticking to our backs, beads of sweat on our brow, curly hair gone wrong, and no end in sight – haven’t we all been there? With a sunroom addition, your summertime party guests will feel refreshed and eager to stay through the party’s end. Climate-controlled sunrooms offer the benefits of a lovely outdoor setting with indoor freshness, no matter the humidity. Even if we just use our sunroom as a welcome cooling-off area for our backyard party guests, they will be ever-thankful!

Custom elevated sunroom and deck
— Beautiful Archadeck of Central SC sunroom and deck addition in Lost Creek.

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3. Sunrooms are the essential outdoor entertaining back-up plan – even if you think you don’t need one!

Are you planning a graduation party for your son or daughter? Imagine all your hard work in advance planning and setting up getting ruined by the threat of a pop-up torrential downpour. Warm temperatures set the perfect scene for unexpected rain. Grab your graduation party accoutrements and guests from your open deck or patio at the first sign of an ominous sky, and bring them to the safety of your sunroom! Endure whatever Mother Nature can throw at you inside the safety of a custom sunroom addition. There’ll be no need for you and your guests to break up the party during times of inclement weather. Plan outdoor celebrations with a built-in back-up plan – a new sunroom by Archadeck of Central SC!

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Contact Archadeck of Central SC for additional information, or to discuss plans for your new multi-season, multi-use, climate-controlled sunroom addition design! You can reach us by phone at (803) 784-1566.

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