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Why Our Wooden Decks are Better

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Archadeck of Central SC knows just how many Columbia-area homeowners still want wood when it comes to building a deck. We receive many inquiries each week about wooden decks and low-maintenance composites alike. Despite all the competition, pressure-treated wood is still the number one decking material sold today. Nearly 75% of all new decks are finished with pressure-treated lumber. We specialize in designing and building decks of various materials, including wood and synthetic, in all shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to wooden decks, it is important to know that not all wooden deck builders and wood decking boards are created equal.

We are often asked why our quote to build a wooden deck is higher than others. The answer is as complex as it is simple because there are many factors that set our wooden decks apart from others.

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The first factor is the quality of the wood we use for all our wooden outdoor structures. We use lumber that is not readily available to the average handyman, builder or do-it-yourselfer from “big-box” stores. Our pressure-treated pine is quite different and is the highest quality wood available through specialty lumber suppliers. Professional deck builders, like Archadeck of Central SC, only obtain wood from selective, high-quality suppliers. This means that the wood we use is free of knots, warps and other inconsistencies evident in lower-grade pressure-treated pine. In addition, the PT pine we use has been rated for ground contact and has been treated with an Eco-life treatment that ensures better weathering of the wood itself.

Second, we don’t design and build “cookie-cutter” wooden decks. Our customized designs ensure that your deck is truly one-of-a-kind and made just for you. We always tailor your deck to the existing landscape, the character of your home and to address your needs. Each of our decks is designed with professionally-engineered blueprints, not a sketch on the back of a napkin.

Along with the integrity of having professionally-engineered blueprints, we also use building practices that ensure more stability in our deck construction. We use screws instead of nails when installing all our decking boards. This process is more timely and labor-intensive, but it ensures a stronger structure. All of our decks are built using free-standing construction which means the deck doesn’t have to rely on the strength of the tie-in location (the house) for support. Archadeck of Central SC adds extra strength by always installing the decking boards on a diagonal, unlike less-seasoned deck builders who haphazardly install boards without thinking of loads, weight or structural stability.

In addition to using only the finest PT boards and a customized deck design, we also use professional, trained crews to install and build our decks. Our crews are fully insured and covered under general liability. We maintain a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage and full workers compensation insurance (where required by law) to protect you from any possible mishaps. This brings you peace of mind when you choose Archadeck of Central SC to build your wooden deck.

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Last but certainly not least, our decks are built the dedicated service of a committed and responsive local business owner/operator combined with the strength and assurances of an established national corporation. Your deck is backed by Archadeck’s written warranty for the workmanship for one year. That warranty is further backed by the National Guarantee Corporation, which guarantees that your residential outdoor living project will be completed to the terms of your Archadeck contract and built to the agreed-upon specification and a warranty of performance for up to two years. Additionally, depending on the building materials you select, manufacturers’ warranties may apply to protect you against defects in materials. And Archadeck’s intensive training and, in many cases, certification as an official installer help reinforce your confidence that those manufacturers’ warranties won’t be adversely affected by installation issues.

Simply put, no other company in the remodeling industry provides this level of client assurance and protection. When when you elect to work with Archadeck of Central SC, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy quality construction and unmatched protections not available from any other builder in the Columbia, SC, area.

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We are the premier builder of custom decks in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding region. Building custom outdoor living environments and structures is all we do, and we do it best. Our consultation is completely free. Call us to discuss your ideas at (803) 784-1566.