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Columbia SC Screened Porch Living

When it comes to outdoor living, much like the other elements that make your home more enjoyable, the difference lies in the details. The details enhance our ability to enjoy the everyday rituals we take for granted. When it comes to porches, there is one detail in particular that can totally transform the way you use, and view, the time you spend outside - the screen.

Cozy screened room with outdoor fireplace

As modest and transparent as the addition of screens may seem, screening provides a powerhouse of benefits to a porch. Screens will keep the bugs, allergens and outdoor debris at bay, and when paired with the protection of a roof, a screened room becomes an all-weather room. However, there’s more to love about screened porches than just the shelter and versatility they provide. Just imagine the way they can enhance your everyday activities.

Archadeck of Central South Carolina has listened closely to the comments from our screened porch customers, and we have compiled a list of the ways they are enjoying their outdoor rooms:

Seating area on screened porch

Good Morning!

Coffee stain on cup

A screened porch is a great place to welcome the arrival of a new day. Enjoy your morning coffee or read the newspaper on the porch. You can enjoy the fresh air and the music of songbirds and nature as it wakes all around. Depending on the placement of your screened porch, you may even be able to watch the sun rise.

We had Archadeck build a screened porch for us recently and we couldn’t be happier…Every morning when I sit out on the porch with my morning coffee, I am amazed that we have this beautiful screened porch. It is both beautiful and functional!
- Houzz review from Carol P.

Good Afternoon!

You don’t have to look far to find references of sweet tea sipping in conjunction with porch sitting here in South Carolina. You need only look on the Discover South Carolina website for a delightful example.

Two glasses of iced tea

Porches and sweet tea—now there’s a match made in South Carolina heaven. From the fanned, ferned and wickered verandas of Southern homes, bargains have long been struck with the devilish heat by sweltering folk seeking a reprieve. In these parts, it’s tradition for such deals to be sealed with sweating glasses of sweet iced tea. Though they hail from different sides of the Mason-Dixon, porches and sweet tea crossed the line a long time ago to officially become a couple. This pairing is now a cultural, time-honored fixture at humble farm houses, majestic manors and every kind of Southern abode in-between.

Seating area on screened porch

Screened porches make the perfect spot to enjoy your favored cool beverage on a hot afternoon, or warm beverage when cooler temperatures arrive. Additionally, many of our projects are designed with ceiling fans to nurture the breeze on those balmy summer days and with ample room for dining outdoors — lunch anyone?


Evenings spent on a screened porch make for mosquito-free outdoor living loaded with ambiance. Outdoor fireplaces are a favorite accompaniment and promise coziness and relaxation. Many of our clients also opt to add televisions to their screened porch space. Imagine being able to dine outdoors or watch movies and sports in the great outdoors!

Screened porch with fireplace and Christmas decors

Screened porches are also a great place to decorate and enjoy during the holidays. Whether it is Halloween, Christmas or the Fourth of July, a screened porch gives you versatile living space and more room for family and friends.

Interior view of custom sunroom with seating area

With a screened porch built by Archadeck of Central South Carolina, the joys of outdoor living are endless! Contact us today to learn more at (803) 784-1566 or via Email:

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