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When considering an outdoor living space addition, a little planning can go a long way!

Central SC custom deck designs

Most big decisions are accompanied by a big investment, and as such, proper planning goes a long way in giving you confidence in your choices. As a homeowner, this rings especially true with renovations or additions to your home and its environment. When choosing to add or enhance an outdoor living space, many factors are considered during the planning stage to make sure it meets your needs as well as blends into the architectural style and layout of your home and property. We here at Archadeck of Central South Carolina use our planning and design process with a single goal in mind…designing and building custom outdoor living spaces to bring enjoyment and pride for many years to come!

Archadeck design guide

To assist in the preliminary phase, Archadeck has created a simple yet valuable tool to help homeowners ignite their imaginations and define their preferences and function needs for the perfect outdoor living space. It is called the Archadeck Outdoor Living Design Guide, and you can download it free by visiting the Archadeck of Central SC website.

Three basic pieces of information form the foundation of a successful project:  the function, type, and style of outdoor living space addition or renovation you have in mind, the anticipated completion date desired, and your estimated budget goal for the project. It has been our experience, having this information organized and in hand not only helps you clarify your outdoor living space needs and wants, but it also helps our team to better translate your desired goal into a finished project.

To create the best design and structure for you and the way you live outdoors, we ask a lot of questions, including:

  • For what activities will this space be used? The best outdoor living structures are designed with a perfect union of form and function. Do you wish to have a technology-free zone, just right for rest and relaxation? Or will your space need an outdoor kitchen area to be used for family barbecues and larger dinner parties? Do you want an open, exposed area where you can bask in the sun, or do you prefer a covered area with protection from the elements? Better yet, how about a combination space for all of the above?
  • What is the contour of your property? Is it flat or does it have slopes? The contour must be taken into consideration when selecting the structure and type of outdoor living space, but it doesn’t necessarily limit your options.

Central SC design guide

Additional aspects we consider when creating your custom space are the situation of your property in regard to sun exposure, favorite views you may have and the proximity of neighboring properties…all of which should be kept in mind when selecting the style and design of your sunroom, porch, pergola, deck or combination.

Now is the perfect time to plan your backyard retreat, so it can be ready for you to enjoy when the weather gets warm. Having a clear understanding of your tastes and design choices helps you receive the perfect outdoor living environment. That’s where our FREE Design Guide comes in handy.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

When considering an outdoor room addition such as a screened porch, choosing the best fit for your home’s architecture, your desired function, and your budget is important. Archadeck of Central South Carolina is the premier outdoor structure builder serving Columbia, SC, and the surrounding area. We can help you choose the perfect custom outdoor living space addition for you with our expert design team and experience in building. Contact us to learn more by calling (803) 784-1566 or via email at We specialize in making your outdoor living dreams come true!