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Archadeck of Central SC explores ideas for beating winter’s chill on your porch!

Is this what your screened porch feels like during the winter

Is this what your screened porch feels like during the winter?

It is a common misconception that, much like dealing with the open air space of a deck or patio, porches cannot be weatherized for use during the cooler months. One may assume since the porch (screened or covered) is ventilated with outside air it is not possible to condition it for use in the winter. This assumption may have rung true many years ago, but nowadays there are a host of options when looking to beat the chill and enjoy your porch throughout the cooler months!

Take a peek:

  • Designing your porch from the start with an integrated fireplace: If you are starting from scratch with your porch or screened porch design, know that adding an outdoor fireplace will serve you well in the cooler months as a viable way to make the space warm and cozy. When used in conjunction with a ceiling fan(s),  your porch will be warm enough to enjoy almost year-round. In addition, the fireplace provides ambiance and a focal point of beauty within the space year round. Archadeck of Central SC has designed and constructed many open porch and screened porch additions here in the Columbia area with wood burning and gas fireplaces to the rave reviews of our clients! Keep in mind that adding a custom fire feature is possible for an existing porch, but it is more economical to include as part of your outdoor living design from the start.
Columbia SC outdoor fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace can add rustic appeal to your outdoor room and keep the space warm in the cooler months.

Northgate Floor Heater that looks like a lamp

Northgate Floor Heater that looks like a lamp!

  • More than just your traditional electric space heater: Today’s space heaters provide the same function as those of the past, but are designed to look the part inside your porch or screened porch setting. There is a wide selection of electric “plug-in” space heaters available varying in price range to make “cozy” affordable to all porch owners.
  • Gas tabletop heaters

    Gas tabletop heaters.

    Gas heaters: Smaller gas patio heaters are available, including ones that sit on a tabletop. They use campstove-type fuel canisters and can prove useful for warming guests seated around a table. We do want to point out, when dealing with any type of fuel-powered heater it is vital to make sure the model you choose is approved for use in a covered area, such as a porch or screened porch, and the proper clearance is provided to ensure the unit is safely operable.

  • Custom-Wall-Mounted-Infrared-Patio-Heaters-Ideas

    Custom wall/ceiling -mounted infrared heaters.

    Wall or ceiling-mounted electric heaters: While Infrared electric heaters have been used primarily in commercial settings in the past, smaller ones designed for residential use on patios have been making their way into outdoor living spaces in recent years. These heaters use either infrared elements or halogen bulbs as the heating source. Infrared heating technology produces invisible rays of light that only heat objects and people, not the air. These heaters serve well in situations where it would otherwise be difficult to heat because of the constant opening of doors — much like the setting of a porch. The fact that infrared rays don’t heat air, little of which can be contained on a screened-in porch, makes such a heater a sound, economical choice in these settings. All the heat you’ll pay for goes directly to heating what you want to warm, rather than to heat air that is quickly blown off the porch!

  • This vinyl fourtrack aluminum three season room with brick exterior blends seamlessly with home

    Three-season room in Columbia, SC.

    The option of  turning your porch into a three or four season room: Traditional screen porches consist of fixed screened openings and provide protection from both insects and inclement weather. Here in the Columbia area, we take this design a step further by utilizing a four-track enclosure system on many of our screened porch additions. The four- track panel windows will allow you to keep the screened porch feeling.  If you want to transform your screen porch into a room that you can also use year round, your porch can be completely converted to an all-season sunroom. A four-track enclosure enhances the livability of your screened room, including during the winter months by adding a viable source of heat. When the panels are closed, they provide shelter from the summer sun and changeable weather. Our four-track enclosure system is also weather-resistant and shatterproof and opens the door to endless outdoor living possibilities.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

For more ideas on utilizing your porch and  screened porch year-round, contact Archadeck of Central South Carolina today at (803) 603 – 2160 or via email at We have many options available to suit your needs, budget and keep you loving outdoor living season after season!