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Can I please get a little privacy out here? The perfect privacy solution for this Columbia, SC, deck.

Fabulous privacy screen options for decks in Columbia SC

Custom privacy screen recently added to composite deck in Columbia, SC, built last year by Archadeck of Central SC.

Is privacy important to you in your outdoor living space? How close is your neighbor’s backyard or outdoor living space? For example, when they use their deck or patio does it give a clear view into your backyard? Can you see into your backyard from the street? How busy is the street you live on?

Many homeowners come to us with a desire to use their backyard for relaxation, entertaining, or a tranquil place to dine or read after a long day. When trying to enjoy these leisure activities, they have told us that they often look up and suddenly realize they’re not alone; the neighbors have a clear view of their backyard from their own deck or patio. Perhaps you have looked up, too, only to see your neighbor outside enjoying the day and staring back. Privacy is often a top priority for homeowners looking to improve or establish an outdoor structure of their own, but most want a space that also retains the openness of being outdoors. Creating a space that provides both requires balance, as is evident in many of our custom designs.

Columbia SC privacy decks

One of our recent projects in Columbia, SC, demonstrates a successful balance of openness and privacy within the same design. Last year we completed a composite deck for these Columbia homeowners. While the homeowners were elated with their new deck they soon realized they needed a way to separate their view from that of the neighbors. This is often the case once the homeowner uses their new space. An outdoor space addition can bring a change in elevation from the grade of the property; your view of the surrounding perimeter will change enabling you to see, and others to see you, in places you did not have a clear view of prior to the addition.

Panel detail on privacy screen in Columbia SC

Archadeck of Central SC came up with a custom privacy fence design for these Columbia homeowners’ new deck that adds privacy and abundant beauty to space. We used innovative framed panels of vertical lattice suspended from a detailed pergola frame. The finished project not only provides privacy from prying eyes, but it also becomes a stunning design element creating a focal point. The custom privacy fence is built from wood painted white for a clean, bright backdrop to accentuate the homeowners’ beautiful plantings and outdoor furnishings.

Columbia SC deck and privacy screen by Archadeck of Central SC

Notice the close proximity of the house next door.

It may sound trivial, but deciding what functions you want your outdoor space to provide will make it easier to design a space that best suits your family’s needs. In outdoor living design, it is often easy to overlook our own preferences — for instance, some folks love being out in the elements, while others are sensitive to wind and sun; some love entertaining, while others want to enjoy a solo retreat. In addition, always consider the correlation between your backyard and that of your neighbors, how it will affect the way you use your new space, and the views looking in and out.

Archadeck of Central SC has been helping homeowners find the right privacy solution for their outdoor living spaces for many years. How you will use your space, and your privacy needs, are something we discuss and build into your design when planning your outdoor space. Keep in mind all yards are different and certain privacy solutions will work well with certain yards, decks, porches, and existing features while others will not. We are experts at designing privacy solutions that will not draw attention but blend with the structure or area where they are located.

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

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