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A great front porch can add value and curb appeal to your Central SC home

Open Front Porch

Notice how this open front porch adds loads of curb appeal to this brick home.

This month marks the debut of National Curb Appeal Month. The entire month of August is focused on helping homeowners add value and design appeal to their home’s exterior. Even if selling your home isn’t part of your plans for the future, increasing your home’s curb appeal will breathe new life into your space and create a place you will take pride in coming home to every day!

Side view of open front porch

Side view of the open front porch.

The front facade of your home presents the first impression to visitors and neighbors and is also the first thing you and your family see returning home from work, school, or play. The front entrance of your home is a great place to make improvements in order to increase curb appeal.

Marshall Reu, the owner of Archadeck of Central SC, knows that a front entry upgrade or renovation, such as a front porch or portico, is a great way to add curb appeal.  “ We never overlook the obvious when a homeowner looks to us to improve the appearance and versatility of their outdoor living spaces. Naturally, the most obvious place to start any task is at the beginning; this being said, the beginning of your home starts right at the front door.”

Classic rocking chair front porch.

Classic rocking chair front porch.

Even the smallest homes can benefit from a new front porch or portico addition. A simple entryway facade can be remodeled into a snug porch with a welcoming portico, or by expanding your porch into the yard, you can increase your home’s size and style. When you want your home to stand out, the entrance is the place to start. A well-designed portico or porch looks great from the curb and makes a perfect first impression.

This pergola makes a statement as the entrance to this charming South Carolina low-country style home.

This pergola makes a statement as the entrance to this charming South Carolina low-country style home.

Keep in mind, adding a front porch or portico provides more benefits than just aesthetics. They provide protection against wind, rain, and heat from the sun that can cause your doors and the area surrounding your door to age prematurely from exposure to the elements. A front porch will add more room for decorating and design opportunities, such as holidays or even adding seasonal flowers for color. They will provide a place to stay dry while entering and exiting your home, but they can also provide valuable functional outdoor living space. Many front porches and portico additions are designed with ample enough space for a few chairs or even a large space reminiscent of the “southern rocking chair front porches” that have been a homeowner favorite throughout history. Who remembers enjoying a glass of iced tea on their Grandmother’s front porch on a Sunday afternoon?

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu and Tucker Reu

Contact Archadeck of Central SC  today to learn more about boosting your home’s curb appeal. Whether it’s a porch that runs the width of the home, or a small portico to provide some cover for guests or even creative use of a pergola, a great front porch can add value and beauty to your home! Call us at (803) 784-1566 or email us at