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For this Forest Acres homeowner change is good as evidenced by a new and unique deck design by Archadeck of Central SC

Columbia SC Forest Acres deck builders

Part of being an outdoor structure specialist also involves being able to envision the potential of particular outdoor living space. Having the ability to transform a homeowner’s outdoor space to make it more functional based on the homeowner’s needs and the characteristics of the existing home and lot makes the final outcome more rewarding for us as outdoor structure builders. Knowing that we were able to improve their outdoor living experience makes it all worthwhile. We recently completed a project in the Forest Acres community of Columbia, SC, that serves as a good example of overcoming challenges with creativity.  The homeowners had an existing outdoor living space that they could barely use because of the proximity of the space to that of the next-door neighbor. With a little design ingenuity and creative thinking, we were able to transform this backyard into an area they now cherish.

Columbia deck builders

This unique deck design delivers access into the homeowner’s beautifully landscaped yard which wasn’t easily accessible prior to the addition.

When we initially met with these Forest Acres homeowners we learned that their lot falls from front to back on a downward angle and they also own a full lot next door to their existing home which was inaccessible with no doorway out to it. The homeowners had to go out the front door of their home and go around in order to access this portion of their yard. To change the traffic flow of their existing space, and make all areas of their yard easily accessible, they decided they really wanted to add a new deck approximately 10 x 20 with stairs that would allow them easy entry into their beautifully landscaped side yard. They also wanted to change out the master bedroom window to a door to gain access to the deck. The design Archadeck of Central SC  came up with provides the homeowner with all of this and more.

Louvred privacy wall from the side of deck in Forest Acres Columbia SC

Notice how the deck wraps around this home in Forest Acres. The design fits like a glove to the home and the yard.

We took the new deck design a step further by wrapping the deck around to the rear of the home in order to connect to the homeowner’s existing screened porch, giving dual access to the deck. Up until this point, the homeowners expressed they rarely used their screened porch due to access and privacy reasons. Part of the role Archadeck of Central SC played in transforming their outdoor space was to remedy their traffic flow to and from the porch in order to utilize the space as intended. In addition to the new deck, we also designed a  4′ walkway that extends down the backside of the perimeter parallel with the brick facade of the home to add character and more viable outdoor living space.

Louver detail on deck in Forest Acres Columbia SC

Lattice detail privacy wall on deck in Forest Acres.

We began the transformation by taking out the door to the garage and building a unique catwalk style side deck to take its place.   The new design features a custom-made deck privacy wall to alleviate the view into the neighbor’s backyard space. The privacy wall was built using an intricate combination of lattice and a fiberglass screening barrier, which gives this portion of the deck a Zen-inspired appeal. This new design also provides access to the valuable dry storage space beneath the porch. The homeowner plans to relocate his workshop from the garage to this dynamic storage space in the coming months.

Dry storage space under deck

Convenient and spacious dry storage area under the deck.

The new deck was built with pressure-treated pine along with wood railing and a TimberTech rail cap. In lieu of traditional lattice skirting across the bottom of the deck, Archadeck of Central SC came up with a distinct design of louvers that gives more privacy to the storage space under the deck. For added convenience, we incorporated deck rail cap lighting and riser lights into the design. We also added lighting to the storage area underneath the porch so it is easily accessible in the evening.

Back deck with cantilevered section Forest Acres SC

The back part of the deck features a cantilevered section that serves as valuable outdoor living space, making it perfect for the location of the grill.

The homeowners are elated with their new space; this testimonial speaks volumes about how this project has impacted their outdoor living enjoyment and their busy outdoor lifestyle. We were able to change the flow and feel of their existing space through a new deck addition and a creative traffic flow change, turning the new outdoor space into their favorite spot in the house! We also want to thank the homeowners for the use of their pictures from this project.

Forest Acres new side deck Archadeck of Central SC

A new side deck recently completed for homeowners in Forest Acres.

“The owners of Archadeck of Central South Carolina are a pleasure to work with.   They sat down with us and helped design a custom deck.   They made good suggestions about both materials and construction so it would meet our needs and look great!   For example, to enable access to the storage areas under the deck and to allow a cantilevered section at the back, steel flitch plates were used for strength and to span distances. The craftsmen employed were highly skilled and dependable and the owners of Archadeck provided consistent and helpful supervision. Many of our neighbors walking by telling us how good the deck looks and we are enjoying it immensely.”

Archadeck of Central SC three generations of quality outdoor structures

The Archadeck of Central SC team – Mike Reu, Marshall Reu, and Tucker Reu

If you have an existing outdoor space that you want to alter or add to make it more suitable for your specific needs and function, contact Archadeck of Central SC today. Our custom outdoor living space designs will make your backyard space the center of attention! Call us for a free consultation (803) 784-1566

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