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Your outdoor living project: Breaking it down, keeping it real

Maybe you want a screened porch built onto your house, opening out to a big deck, with stairs leading down to a patio area, and a new paved walkway to get you there. The more you think about it, the bigger your project becomes. Can you say “outdoor kitchen”? Or “fireplace”?

Porch with fireplace

Browsing through photos of outdoor living projects can become overwhelming as you see so many great ideas and start to piece together what would look good in your space. Maybe you started out thinking about just a deck, and then you saw photos of decks with pergolas for shade. And multi-level decks. And screened rooms under decks. We could go on. We especially like patios, with some of the new paving materials, to create a graceful transition from your yard to your deck.

Deck with patio and fireplace

How much will all of this cost? Did you get carried away? The good news is that you don’t have to build it all at once. We can work with you to break your plans down into phases to be built over time. The smartest thing you can do is tell us your whole vision now, so we can build each phase with the next one in mind. Then you can start to enjoy your new outdoor living space sooner, as the first phase is completed, without having to wait for the whole series to be done.

Start now to map out your dream project — all of it. Let us show you how to break it down into manageable projects. Call (803) 784-1566 for a free consultation.