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Reputable Deck Builders Offer Beautiful, High-Return Home Improvements

According to an Associated Press article published in The Washington Post, improving real estate market conditions are encouraging more people to remodel their homes. This observation is based on a report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. It predicts that home improvement expenditures will jump by as much as 20% during the fourth quarter of 2013. The article also cautions homeowners to prioritize their remodeling projects carefully to avoid making costly mistakes.

Unfortunately, not all remodeling projects are guaranteed to boost a property’s resale value. For example, home buyers who have young children may be against purchasing properties with swimming pools due to the safety risks that are involved. On the other hand, an editor for a home improvement magazine comments that a well-built deck is considered to be a “high-return item” for practically every home. Almost every person wants to hang out and spend some quality time with their loved ones on a beautiful deck. If you are interested in a brand-new deck that will strike an optimum balance between beauty and affordability, then contact a reliable deck builder like Archadeck for a free quote.

A well-made and aesthetically pleasing wooden deck that has passed the scrutiny of home appraisers can yield an 85% return on investment (ROI) once the home is put up for sale. In contrast, a brand-new bathroom only allows the homeowner to recoup 78% of the initial investment. Home improvements that enhance curb appeal and resale value make more financial sense than costly finishes or appliances that will do nothing to improve a home’s marketability.

People who are looking to sell their homes should avoid the temptation to “over-improve” and just focus on what additions or enhancements prospective buyers actually want. Unless you are a skilled handyman who has worked on a deck before, it would be best to pick experienced and reputable deck builders that can work within your budget without compromising quality. This way you can be sure it will be done right.

Some companies like Archadeck will also provide consultation services that map out each deck construction project in detail. This shows the homeowner the suitability and ROI potential of the various materials they can use. It is also a good idea to consult with home appraisers who will determine whether a particular home improvement project is really worth pursuing.

2013 is a good time for homeowners to refurbish their properties with brand-new additions like wooden decks. It is always a good idea to carefully consider every remodeling decision with utmost care since even the most favorable economic conditions cannot shield you from the expensive of a poorly conceived home improvement project.