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Building Better Outdoor Kitchens for More Memorable Home Entertaining provides helpful tips on how to effectively design an outdoor kitchen. Taking tips from popular website, this article focuses on how to arrange certain design elements to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency during and after food preparation. These tips include building the outdoor kitchen adjacent to the indoor kitchen, adding a bar top, and having comfortable and inviting furniture close by. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can create memorable parties and prevent accidents that you wish you could forget.

For families that love to dine and entertain, classy outdoor kitchens are the perfect home additions. Lisa Taylor of defines an “outdoor kitchen” as a food prep area in an outdoor living space that is designed for a more informal and recreational dining. Food preparation in an outdoor kitchen is certainly not limited to barbecues, especially if this area is fully equipped.

Space is one of the most important elements when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen. The article recommends allocating enough space for food prep, cleaning, and serving to avoid any significant hassle or accident risks. It all comes down to ensuring safety and efficiency in regards to food preparation. Trusted companies like Archadeck can figure out the most suitable outdoor kitchen design to ensure a clutter-free space distribution that will facilitate movement and foot traffic.

Another aspect that needs to be addressed is the ease with which the host can interact with guests while preparing food. The article suggests installing a bar top in an outdoor kitchen to allow the guests to sit, talk, and watch as the host is whipping up a sumptuous meal. The most suitable bar tops for outdoor kitchens consist of natural stone, ceramic tile, and wood.

Larger outdoor kitchens with wide counters will allow guests to assist with all food preparation activities. Depending on the design, the counter may also serve as a bar top or a dining table after food preparation is finished. For the best outdoor kitchen designs that exemplify form and function, consumers can turn to reputable companies like Archadeck for advice and assistance.

Keep in mind that although the Internet offers quite a number of fancy outdoor kitchen design ideas, very few place an emphasis on safety and efficiency. It is always beneficial to prioritize optimum use of space that will help minimize slip and fall incidents when you are picking out a design. Using a bit of creativity, an eye for design, and the help of a reputable contractor, you can soon have a dream outdoor kitchen that will turn your home into party central.