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You Have 4 Weeks To Get A Head Start On Your Outdoor Living Space, So Get Moving

If you’re like the rest of us, who hate being stuck inside during the dull days of winter, hope is on the horizon. It’s called SPRINGTIME.

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Many people wait until spring to choose a builder for their deck, porch addition, or combo outdoor living space. And that really is a shame.

Archadeck of Birmingham encourages folks to do it now so they will be enjoying their structures sooner rather than later. Any reputable builder will have a backlog and/or waitlist as we inch closer to spring, so moving forward on your project now is the best decision.

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What Are The Advantages Of Moving Ahead Now?

If you’ve been thinking about adding a deck to your home and are considering waiting until the spring, you would be well advised to reconsider.

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It makes sense as to why people think building decks in the spring and summer are ideal since those are the times of the year when they’ll use them most. However, having your project on the schedule now can give you some hidden advantages.

Not only is it possible to build your deck, porch addition, or combination outdoor living space sooner, it’s much more preferable than waiting until spring to begin your journey.

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If you have thought that it’s too cold to consider an outdoor living construction project like building a deck, think again. Here are several reasons why you should have your new structure built now as winter draws to a close.

Say “Yes!” Now, And Your Deck Will Be Ready To Use For Late Spring Early Summer

If you wait until it’s warm enough to head outdoors in just a polo shirt or t-shirt to build your deck, then you will be missing out on a few weeks of using your deck. By giving your project the proverbial green light now, your new outdoor leisure space will be ready for use when the temperature warms up. While we’re building it, you will have time to select the furniture that you will be enjoying while out there, as well as other outdoor living accents to personalize your new deck or porch. And that way, you’ll be prepared to relax at your leisure and host friends, family, and neighbors in your new outdoor space.

Staining A Wooden Deck In The Winter Is The Ultimate Time To Do So

The last time you’ll want to stain or paint a wood deck is during the dog days of summer. Our team of expert contractors suggest building a deck in the cooler months if you plan to stain the wood. The dry air is perfect for staining compared to the hot, muggy, and humid air in the summer. What’s more, wood will absorb moisture from the air and potentially lead to cracking or peeling in the stain. In addition, if it’s too hot outside, the stain may dry too quickly and lead to streaks or watermarks.

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The pressure-treated wood we use, should you decide to go that route, is designed to last for many, many years. But it is important to note that pressure-treated wood needs a couple of months to dry, and winter conditions are ideal.

When wood is left to dry during the heat of the summer, the humidity can cause it to take even longer to finish the drying process. And then there is the issue of long exposure to direct sunlight. If not completely dry, pressure-treated wood left to dry in the summer can twist and split while it’s drying. These are concerns you will not have to deal with during times of cooler temperatures.

You Most Likely Will Enjoy More Favorable Prices During The Winter

As the building demand is typically not that great during winter, chances are very good that you’ll save money. Deck contractors like us often enjoy lower prices as the demand for materials is not as high as during the prime months.

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When that happens, Archadeck will then pass those savings on to their Birmingham area homeowner clients to make it more attractive for them to complete their project now rather than waiting. A surefire win/win.

The Sooner You Decide To Build It Now, The Sooner You’ll Be Able To Enjoy It

Our clients tell us that working with us is a breeze. We do offer financing if that option appeals to you; and there is no need to meet in person, either.

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For you convenience, we have developed a super easy virtual consultation to discuss your anticipated space right out of the gate; so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get the conversation started.

Speaking of “getting started,” call us at 205-576-5780; or click here for your complimentary design consultation. We look forward to the pleasure of your company.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.