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A Screened Porch Is A Thing of Beauty

screened porchHow long have you been thinking about adding a screened porch to your Birmingham-area home, or perhaps upgrading the screened porch you have now? This might be just the right time to take advantage of our complimentary design consultation. Meeting with your Archadeck screen porch builder could be the next step you need to take to solidify your ideas about building the new backyard screened in porch of your dreams.

Why Do You Want A Screened Porch?

It’s a question we always ask, because before we can design it, we need to get a good feel for what you have in mind and how your family will use the porch. The obvious answers are to keep out flying insects and to protect you from rain, debris and the sun’s UV rays. But there could be more to it than that, so don’t stop there. Will your family be eating meals on the new porch? If so, you’ll need a porch big enough to include a dining table (how large?) and chairs, with room to pull chairs out, as well as space to walk around the table and chairs on all sides. Will you want a comfortable seating area apart from the dining area? That calls for a bigger porch.

screened porch

Will We Be Adding Your Screened Porch From Scratch?Cedar Porch Fire Place

Yes, as your Birmingham screened porch builder we can certainly create a screen porch installation from scratch. While you may think it’s the only way to build them, that’s not always the case. Frequently we work with clients who want to convert a deck to a screened porch, so we add posts and a roof and connect the roof to the floor with screens. Some would call that a screened in deck, but once you put a roof on it, it’s a porch. Before we can convert your deck, however, we’ll have to examine the substructure supporting the deck to make sure it can take the added weight of a porch roof. How about a screened in patio? That’s also possible. Again, once we add the roof, it’s no longer a patio, it’s a porch.

Speaking of roofs, at Archadeck of Birmingham we take pride in making sure your new outdoor structure ties into the house in a way that looks like it’s always been there. We use matching or complementary materials so your new addition never looks “added on.”

screened porch

What About A Deck-And-Screened-Porch Combination?

screened porch‚ÄčOne of the best things about porch enclosures is how well they work in harmony with another outdoor living structure. An enclosed porch with an adjoining deck gives you the best of both worlds, covered and uncovered, and the same can be said of a screened porch with an adjacent patio. When you combine the open deck or patio with a covered and screened in back porch, we call this a deluxe or combination outdoor living space. (Deluxe in this case doesn’t mean you’re at the Ritz. We’ll get to that in a minute.)

Once again, we can build a combination outdoor living space from scratch, or we can work with the structure(s) you already have in place and work up and out from there. A popular option is to convert a deck into an outdoor screened in porch, and then build a new deck adjacent to that structure. Likewise, many a patio has been turned into a screen porch enclosure with a new patio extending out from the old one. Taking these ideas one step further, you’re not limited by the size of your existing deck or patio. If you want to enlarge the structure when we convert it into a screened in back patio or deck, we can do that. We’re always careful to match the newly-enlarged area with the original space so our structures never look pieced together.

Looking for a screened porch builder near me?

You have come to the right place! We are your Birmingham screened porch builder. Call Archadeck of Birmingham for a complimentary design consultation at (205) 576-5780. We look forward to creating the screened porch lifestyle you want!

Would You Like Some Clear Vinyl Windows With That?

EZ-Breeze Windows Preview

We may start out as your Birmingham screened porch builder and become your Birmingham 3-season room builder instead when you hear about the Eze-Breeze 4-track clear vinyl window system. These enclosures are increasingly popular because you can get more use out of your screen porch when you also have the option of closing windows in the colder months. That’s right, windows! These windows are designed so you can slide the panels around and leave a few panels open to the screens, or open as many as 75% of the panels at once.

vinyl windows

Finally, you also have the option to remove the window panels entirely, leaving your room as a pure screen porch until you’re ready to put the windows back in. The same structure can serve as a screened enclosure to welcome the breeze or a room with windows to keep out the chill, depending on the season. Again, the best of both worlds! The Eze-Breeze system does not include walls or tie into your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. It really is a screened porch with movable (and removable) windows.

Birmingham Double Decker In Riverchase With Eze Breeze Porch

— This porch and deck in Riverchase features an Eze Breeze system expanding the time these homeowners can use their outdoor space.

What Amenities Will You Choose?

During the design process you’ll need to decide how luxurious or simple your screened porch will be. Basic amenities our clients usually request include ceiling fans, electric light fixtures and electrical outlets. You can stop there, or you can add the electrical connection for your flat-screen TV, a cable connection if you use cable TV service and wiring for your sound equipment. If you want to take it to the next level, we have many clients who’ve added an outdoor fireplace on the porch, and you have the option of a wood-burning or gas fireplace. More? Yes, the ultimate screened-porch-and-deck or porch-and-patio combination space also includes an outdoor kitchen. Just think about it. If you’re eating outdoors, why not cook out there, too? That way the cook/chef/grill master doesn’t get stuck in the kitchen and miss the socializing.

screened porch

Additional luxuries to consider for your new porch enclosure include skylights and/or a beautiful tongue-and-groove ceiling. If we’re building your porch from scratch, you have many options for the porch floor including wood, composite decking boards or beautiful tiles.

screened porch

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