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There’s No Need To Come In From The Intense Heat And Rain Thanks To An Archadeck Screened Porch

Here in Birmingham, the weather can change in a minute — or so it seems. These dog days of summer are really testing our tolerance this year for heat and humidity.

dog days

The occasional breeze may give us some relief for a moment or two; and then before you know it, we’re in the middle of a sudden summer rain storm.

But no worries because you were smart enough to add a screened porch to your backyard deck to shelter yourself for what may come — intense sun, rain, and wind gusts.

A Birmingham Screened Porch Is The Best Add-On To Your Backyard Deck

Decks are a terrific asset to your home giving you more square footage for leisure living in your backyard. But without a roof to protect you from the various harsh elements of summer weather, it’s not as wonderful as it could be.

Birmingham Screened Porch

The same is true for screening – supported by that add-on roof structure.

The benefit of having a covered deck and screened porch to work in unison with your deck brings a welcome respite to escape our summer storms.

It is super-hot right now, and we are getting pummeled with a good many afternoon thunderstorms. Having the benefit of both structures functioning as one large outdoor living space is a blessing to have this time of year.

Combination Outdoor Living Spaces Start With A Deck

Being blessed with our relatively mild temperatures on a year round basis, adding on to your deck now will set the stage for the beautiful weather yet to come in a few short weeks.

When summer returns once again next year, you’ll be in the best shape possible to weather all kinds of outdoor climate events by adding shade and screens to your deck structure.

Why You Should Seriously Consider A Screened Porch

Converting your backyard deck, or a portion of it, into a screened porch will most likely become one of the smartest and most valuable home improvements you’ll make at your current residence.

screened porch and deck combo

Yes, it will keep out flying insects. Yes, it will protect you from rain. Yes, it will ward off outdoor debris and the sun’s harmful UV rays. But there surely are many more benefits for this ultimate deck upgrade.

For one thing, you’ll have a wonderful new outdoor room to enjoy morning coffee while you review your calendar for the day ahead. Later in the day, your family will love escaping from the monotony of dining in the kitchen to enjoy eating dinner on your new screened porch.

Will We Be Adding Your Screened Porch From Scratch?

If you’re thinking that this all sounds great, but you do not as yet have a deck to convert into a screened porch, no problem.

As your Birmingham screened porch builder, we can certainly create a screened porch installation from scratch. While you may think it’s the only way to build them, that’s not always the case.

new screened porch

Frequently, we work with clients who want to convert a deck to a screened porch, so we add posts and a roof and connect the roof to the floor with screens. Some would call that a screened in deck, but once you put a roof on it, it’s a porch. Before we can convert your deck, however, we’ll have to examine the substructure supporting the deck to make sure it can take the added weight of a porch roof.

Speaking of roofs, at Archadeck of Birmingham, we take pride in making sure your new outdoor structure ties into the house in a way that looks like it’s always been there. We use matching or complementary materials so your new addition never looks “added on.”

Backyard Porch Enclosures For The Way You Live – And How You Want To Live

One of the best things about porch enclosures is how well they work in harmony with other outdoor living structures. An enclosed porch with an adjoining deck gives you the best of both worlds, covered and uncovered, and the same can be said of a screened porch with an adjacent patio. When you combine an open deck or patio with a covered and screened in back porch, we call this a deluxe or combination outdoor living space.

custom deck and screened porch combo

Once again, we can build a combination outdoor living space from scratch, or we can work with the structures you already have in place if the substructure and criteria are a candidate and work up and out from there.

Looking For A Screened Porch Builder Near Me?

Look no further, as you’re right where you need to be. To schedule a complimentary screened porch or covered porch design consultation, simply click here and we’ll get started.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham.