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Archadeck Designs And Builds Outdoor Living Space Magic With This Screened Porch & Deck Combination

With temperature lows in the 50ºs and highs knocking on the door of 80º, now is the perfect time to enjoy the relaxed pleasures of North Shelby County, AL, especially if you’re in the Broken Bow South neighborhood.

Why, you may ask?

Archadeck of Birmingham Screened porch and Side Deck Combo

Well, one of your neighbors just gave Archadeck of Birmingham the pleasure of designing and building a cozy wooden deck with an attached covered porch. And if you play your cards right, they just may invite you over to enjoy some leisure time with them, or maybe even a beverage or two.

As the client’s children moved out and left the proverbial nest, Mom and Dad decided it was time to spent more leisure time with just the two of them. And what could be more leisurely than spending it outdoors in Broken Bow South? Danged if we know.

North Shelby County Deck And Screened Porch Combinations

When Archadeck first arrived at the Broken Bow South homestead, the only outdoor living space the family had was a 10-foot by 14- foot wooden deck with a straight run of stairs. And as the deck was adjacent to the second level of the home, that was quite a steep climb.

To address that issue and make it more comfortable to now reach the combination outdoor living space, we added a side deck mid-way to the main deck which made the ascent easier to climb.

North Shelby county Deck Landing Details

Once the top of the stairs is reached, you will be welcomed by a beautiful new wood deck with an intricate design of diagonal boards in beautiful pressure-treated wood.

North Shelby County Screened porch and Side Deck Archadeck

Just off the new deck, this Birmingham custom deck builder constructed a generously-size screened covered porch with stunning exposed wood rafters giving the new outdoor room great height, and accommodating a wide triangular transom window at the porch’s peak.

This Birmingham custom screened porch builder gave the family ample room in the new enclosed porch, enough for several seating groups, as well as an outdoor dining table and chairs.

The new side deck that goes 10-feet out and is 8-feet wide features a 4-foot by 4-foot landing with L-shaped stairs going back toward the garage.

Pressure Treated Wood Deck And Covered Screened Porch

With this simple but fluid functional design, outdoor living will literally reach new heights for this lucky empty nester couple. And to keep their granddog safe when visiting in the new combination space, a gate was strategically added for his protection.

North Shelby County Custom Wooden Deck with Gate

As for aesthetic embellishments, our team also installed a power outlet added high toward the ceiling so that twinkle lights could be easily added to the porch, to switch on and off from within the home when the couple wanted.

Exposed Rafter Screened Porch North Shelby County AL

Twinkle lights and festive bistro lights are becoming increasingly popular in many of our new outdoor living space designs. They add soft illumination while aiding nighttime visibility. And as the breeze blows, they gently sway back and forth within the enclosed space casting lovely glimmers of light throughout the night once activated.

Summer Will Be Here Before You Know It, So Contact Us Now

Thankfully, we are just days away from the glories of summertime outdoor living. Contact us now to start or upgrade the outdoor living deck and porch combination you have been dreaming about.

Carissa and Derek Crews Owners Archadeck of Birmingham

Carissa & Derek Crews, owners Archadeck of Birmingham