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Homewood AL Loves TimberTech For Deck Rebuilds And Upgrades, And TimberTech Loves Us Right Back

Call it a mutual love affair.

Low Maintenance Deck Builder Homewood AL

When Homewood homeowners decide it’s time to replace their old pressure-treated wood deck – or upgrade them to something very special – TimberTech composite, sustainable, Earth-respectful decking is the #1 choice.

Why? More reasons than you could count.

Homewood, AL TimberTech Deck Builders At Archadeck Construct Outdoor Spaces To Last A Lifetime

If you work in an office, no doubt you’ve heard the saying “touch it once, and done.” It’s all about doing it right the first time, without having to revisit it at another time.

That attitude encourages correctness and accuracy, making sure that the end result is as perfect as it can be. Well, that’s kind of the same way Archadeck of Birmingham thinks about deck upgrades and rebuilds here in Homewood.

As the most highly-respected low maintenance deck builder in Homewood, when it comes to an outdoor living material that can take virtually anything you’re got, TimberTech is king.

TimberTech Is The Homewood, AL Deck Builder First Choice

So, why this material love affair, you ask? Exactly what does make TimberTech better?

Put simply, it offers only the most alluring, long-lasting decking backed by leading technology. We don't believe the status quo should hold you back — and neither does TimberTech, so they deliver decking that surpasses it.

Why Wood Is No Good For Low Maintenance

While traditional wood and pressure-treated lumber has been a staple in the decking industry for decades, it is not your only — or best — option. This is especially true for families that virtually live on their deck during the spring and summer and well into autumn.

You’re way too busy enjoying life, relaxing out there, and cooking up a storm in your outdoor kitchen or Green Egg smoker. The last thing you want to worry about is keeping your deck clean and free from wood splinters.

TimberTech delivers just that. Their newer engineered decking options are worth a look for their low-maintenance, high-performance attributes.

A Discernable Difference You Can Clearly See – And Feel

Traditional wood includes pressure-treated lumber, other softwoods like cedar and redwood, as well as hardwoods like Ipe and mahogany. Performance and appearance vary between wood species, but one thing is consistent: sooner or later, all wood requires maintenance.

But on the other hand, with TimberTech, their capped composite decking is made of a majority of recycled wood and plastic fibers, protected with a fully engineered cap.

With this protective cap, capped composite decking boasts superior durability compared to traditional wood and requires minimal maintenance. And with its streamlined surface, you’ll never have to worry about baby getting that nasty splinter as she takes her very first steps out there.

Our Latest Homewood Outdoor Living Transformation

For this deck rebuild and upgrade project, we designed and built a full composite side deck to their porch and railing with return stairs also with railing. As you can tell, the vast amount of outdoor living area is plentiful, with its multiple levels of easy access and leisure living.

Homewood AL Timbertech Deck Builders

When we first arrived on site for the family’s free design consultation, all that was there was a deck and a porch, which was built not up to Archadeck standards. So we reengineered the side deck, which entailed the creation of a splendid whole new structure.

As this success story suggests, the upgraded, picture-frames deck is TimberTech.

Homewood AL Deck Builders

For dependable protection encompassing the entire perimeter of this massive structure, we used the TimberTech composite universal rail system with the matching deck board cap to the color of the perimeter with aluminum balusters and carried the rail into the porch.

Ready To Rebuild Or Upgrade The Deck You Currently Have?

Are you ready to get more function and aesthetics from your outdoor living space? Then contact us today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

Derek and Carissa Crews owners Archadeck of Birmingham

Derek & Carissa Crews, owners at Archadeck of Birmingham.