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Don’t Let Next Year’s Memorial Day Cookout Sneak Up On You

Was your Memorial Day cookout satisfactory, or did you wish you had more outdoor living space and maybe even more shade? Picture yourself entertaining family and friends on your bigger and better covered patio with an outdoor kitchen at one end and an outdoor fireplace at the other. Picture your group of friends that gathers for every holiday cookout enjoying the shade of your poolside cabana with the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Picnic table with a grill full of food
— Is this how you spent Memorial Day weekend?

Let’s start with the first layer, the patio. Your patio will be the basis for your new, bigger and better outdoor living space. It’s a good idea to start with a bigger patio than you think you’ll need. When Archadeck of Southwest Houston talks with you about designing the patio, we’ll walk you through all of the different ways you might use your patio so we know how many distinct areas you’ll want to include.

The large patio: One space, many uses

While a patio is really one large space, in the design process we look at how you’ll use it and how “traffic” will need to flow through the space. If you plan to have a dining area (of course you will!), the space needed there is much more than just the size of the dining table. We’ll calculate the square footage needed based on the table size, how many people it seats and the space around the table so people can pull chairs out and walk behind them. That’s just one example of how we estimate the size patio you’ll need. Clients often want a separate lounge area apart from the dining area with sofa, chairs and a cocktail table or even recliners. What about a TV area for movie nights and sports programs? And if you’re including an outdoor kitchen, you need to factor in the space for the chef to maneuver around the cooking surfaces without guests bumping into him or her.

Stain and seal concrete or paver patio?

Have you thought about what kind of surface you want for that big patio? The most popular surfaces in the Southwest Houston area are stain and seal concrete and pavers. Stain and seal concrete is extremely versatile and goes with everything. We have such a wide selection of stain colors we can coordinate the patio color with other materials including the posts and beams for your patio cover. The same is true if you decide to install a paver patio. We have a vast selection of pavers from sleek and sophisticated to casual and rustic. We can use the same pavers to border your patio with a retaining wall that doubles as extra seating. We can also use the same pavers for your outdoor kitchen.

Bringing your indoor kitchen outdoors + grill and smoker!

Ah, the outdoor kitchen. As your southwest Houston outdoor kitchen builder, we will custom design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Do you want the bare essentials like a grill and refrigerator—keeping it simple? Or does your idea of the basics include a grill, smoker and griddle, warming drawer, fridge, freezer, sink, storage and prep space with granite counters? We can include a convection oven and a microwave. We’ll always include electrical outlets for the all-important blenders, too. With proper planning, there is no need to run back indoors for anything.

No southwest Houston outdoor living space is complete without ceiling fans, and that’s the beauty of having a covered porch. In addition to providing shade, the roof construction allows for electrical wiring to power up the fans and outdoor lights to set the mood for your space. Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining, the creature comforts keep you comfortable while you enjoy the outdoors—the best of both worlds.

Outdoor patio with kitchen feature and seating area

Everyone loves a fire to gather around

Did someone mention an outdoor fireplace? Your guests will be drawn by the pull of an outdoor fire regardless of whether it’s a wood fire or gas flame. Either way, it’s a hypnotic focal point and will be a hit with everyone in the family. Maybe you’re trying to decide between an outdoor fireplace and a smaller fire pit. Archadeck of Southwest Houston can talk with you about the design features available for each and help you decide which is right for you.

Backyard patio with jacuzzi, fire feature, and seating area

Pergolas, not an afterthought

One design element that sometimes gets overlooked and treated as an afterthought is the pergola. We recommend including a pergola in your southwest Houston outdoor living design from the beginning. One popular design combination includes a super large patio with a roof covering one portion while the remainder is open to the warmth of the sun. This is where a pergola comes in to provide some shade at the uncovered end. A pergola is visually pleasing and balances the overall space. Pergolas can also serve as a “getaway” space with a bench or chairs incorporated into the design. The pergola can be a relaxation destination or simply a visually-pleasing design element.

Outdoor pergola with outdoor kitchen

Picture your ideal outdoor living space

Have we given you any ideas for next year’s Memorial Day cookout with family and friends? Can you picture yourself here among the structures and amenities we’ve described? Whether you want to keep it simple or pull out all the stops, Archadeck of Southwest Houston is here to design the perfect outdoor living space—or spaces—for you and your family. If you have a pool, we can add a new patio as an extension of your pool surround and add the structures you’ve been missing for your guests’ comfort.

Backyard patio with fire feature and seating area

The time to start planning for Memorial Day 2019 is NOW!

If you want to open the summer season next year with a cookout that’s one for the books, the time to start planning is now! It’s never too early to give us a call so we can start working with you to develop design ideas. Let’s work out a timetable that ensures you’ll have your new and improved, bigger and better outdoor living space when you want it.

If you’re thinking about adding or expanding an outdoor space in Southwest Houston or the surrounding area, please call me, David Herbert, at F:P:Sub:Cookie:L:Phone} or email me at to set up your free design consultation.
David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston
David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston