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This League City, TX Pergola Delivers More Than Just Aesthetics!

Our most recent pergola project takes us to League City, TX…

These homeowners have a spacious and inviting backyard pool that serves as a great way to cool off on those hot Texas days. Their property also sits close to a lake, which gives them pristine views from their backyard. However, in order to make the most out of their pool time, and the serene views, they needed not only a shaded area but one that also offered protection from the elements. Voila, Archadeck of Southwest Houston came to the rescue with a stunning wooden poolside pergola that delivers protection with high aesthetics!

How does this pergola protect, you may ask?

A pergola can be built in a way that offers more potential for shade depending on the specifications of its design. This is based on the distance between the cross beams that cover the upper portion of the pergola. The construction of the pergola can be made more conducive to providing shade through the spacing between the cross beams located atop the pergola and by using wider rafters in the pergola design. The closer the beams are set, or the wider the rafters, the more sun protection your pergola will offer. All of these factors are influenced by the intended placement of your pergola in correlation with the direction and amount of sunlight your location receives.

Outdoor pergola near the swimming pool

Taking the specifications of the design a step farther, Archadeck of SW Houston built this pergola with increased sun and weather protection in mind while keeping the original design of the pergola intact. We integrated a Polygal cover into the design. Polygal covers provide protection from rain and the sun’s UV rays. Polygal provides thermal insulation, so not only do you avoid getting sunburn from the sun’s UV rays, you also don’t feel as much of the sun’s heat.

We love working with Polygal because it’s lightweight, highly flexible and virtually unbreakable. It holds up in extremely windy conditions. Its UV protective layer not only protects you, it protects the Polygal itself from yellowing. These factors result in a pergola that provides shade, protection and ambiance to any backyard setting!

Outdoor pergola near the swimming pool

These League City, TX, homeowners are so thrilled with the outcome of their project they commented that the image reminds them of a picture postcard!

Looking for a way to add beauty, function and shade to your League City backyard? Contact us today to schedule your free outdoor living space design consultation, call us at (281) 214-8299.
David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston
David Herbert, Owner, Archadeck of Southwest Houston