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Combining Multiple Outdoor Living Structures Creates A Flexible Mississauga Backyard Retreat

Are you planning a Mississauga backyard upgrade? Is it a challenge to decide if you want a deck, porch, patio, or three-season room? At Archadeck of the SW Greater Toronto area, we have decision-making built into our process with you. Our expert knowledge of function and design allow us to take your needs and create the perfect space to satisfy those lifestyle goals. Did you know you don’t have to choose? Creating a backyard with multiple structures is a great way to meet your family’s varying outdoor living requirements.

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to come to the design meeting with a long list of requirements for their backyard space. Often, the functional needs require more than one structure to meet the versatility they are looking for. In this case, we propose some combination of a porch, three-season room, composite deck, and patio space to accommodate all their goals in a large adjoining outdoor living space.

Not sure if a combination of outdoor structures is right for you? We have the top 10 reasons you should consider a combination of structures for your backyard renovation:

  1. Provide a sunny space to your sun-loving friends and family with a deck or patio and a shady area for those hot-bodied, shade-loving folks with a porch.
  2. A stone patio at the base of your deck stair is perfect for staying out of the mud and creating a natural transition to the lawn.
  3. With a dry-deck drainage system you can enjoy a covered patio underneath your second story deck. Deck and patio combination
  4. A screened porch with your deck or patio creates a space to retreat to when the insects are plentiful – keeping flies off food, and mosquitoes off your ankles.
  5. Three-season rooms extend your indoor and outdoor living space depending on the season. Retreat from the deck on a cool night, retreat from the indoors when you need peace and solitude on a less than a beautiful day.
  6. Allow a division between adult space and kids space during family gatherings with a deck and patio.
  7. Create a safe place for your grill master with a composite deck or patio outside of your porch.
  8. A sloping backyard is suited best for an upper story deck with a patio below so you can have dining space right off your kitchen as well as entertaining space with better accessibility to the yard.
  9. Create separate but adjacent dining and lounging spaces for entertaining and daily needs with a covered porch and composite deck combination. Sm Pool Patio Covered Porch Combo Mississauga
  10. Pool areas often require a patio with pavers or stone for maximum durability, but to create a cool retreat for those who are not swimming or sun-bathing is best done with a covered or screened in back porch between the pool patio and home.

What is your reason for creating a multi-structural outdoor living space in your backyard? Tell us your dream outdoor living space combination and we’ll help make your dream a reality. No matter what your family’s needs are, we have a custom outdoor living solution to meet it. Call (877) 362-5802 today.