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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Ideas from Your Oakville Deck Builder

Poolside PorchWhen you visit a resort, you take for granted the creature comforts, amenities and beautiful setting; why not recreate that feeling at home and enjoy it every day? We’ve put together a list of ways you can upgrade your outdoor living spaces and feel like you’re on vacation any time. Let us help you create a dream resort in your own backyard.

Arrange the ultimate relaxation station to take Oakville outdoor living to new heights

Close your eyes and imagine your deck as the ultimate setting where you can relax and let your cares drift away. What comforts would the ideal deck at a resort contain? Could your deck furniture be more cushioned? Would comfy pillows make you feel pampered? What about a couple of soft blankets? Take the chill off the evening by investing in luxurious blankets or throws to use on the deck. Now all you need is a cup of tea or hot cocoa and a good book!

Create the perfect mood with deck lighting

Deck with outdoor lightingIn today’s busy life, it is often after dark when we can finally enjoy our backyard resort. With the perfect deck lighting built right in, you can enjoy a lovely relaxing mood with help from the soft glow. Deck lighting can transport you to your favorite destination with the simple switch of a flip. Put your feet up and relax under the stars anytime you wish.

Invest in shade with help from your Oakville deck builder and a new porch roof or pergola

At the best resorts, you don’t have to be exposed to the sun a moment longer than you choose to be. Nor do you have to retreat indoors to escape the sun’s UV rays and lingering heat. When you add a shade feature to your deck, such as a porch roof or pergola, you can enjoy the outdoors while staying comfortable and protected. Your Oakville deck builder will show you a variety of options for adding shade to your deck.

Surround yourself with the beauty of flowers in container gardens

Multi-level deck with planter boxesContainer gardens are marvelous pockets of beauty that bring cheer to any deck and will increase your pure enjoyment of Oakville outdoor living. Do you have a green thumb? If you do, you will derive extra benefit from planting your own combinations of color, form, and texture in mix-and-match planters on your deck. If having a green thumb is not among your traits, let the friendly plant people at your garden center help you. Part of the fun is selecting the planters because the variety of available planter shapes, sizes, and materials—stone, ceramic, composite decking products, etc.—is dazzling.

Declutter your deck and outdoor kitchen with new outdoor storage solutions

Have you shopped for outdoor storage solutions lately? New, cleverly-designed outdoor cabinetry can look as good as that in your home! If your deck contains items you don’t use every day, add attractive benches that include hidden storage under cushions. If your outdoor kitchen boasts more accouterments than your indoor kitchen has, consider upgrading your under-the-counter storage configuration in the outdoor kitchen. While it will feel good to get organized again, the real treat will be the additional level of relaxation you experience when clutter is no longer in view.

Take the No-More-Deck-Maintenance vow and re-deck with composite decking boards

If you have a wooden deck, how can you relax thoroughly when you see the deck as a chore that needs to be completed each year? The routine of sanding, staining and sealing the deck is nobody’s idea of a good time when you’re sinking into comfort at your at-home resort. Whether you’ve been doing the work yourself or hiring someone to take care of this annual chore, let it go! Ask your Oakville deck builder if your deck is a good candidate for re-decking so you can replace those weathered wooden deck boards with low-maintenance composite decking. Re-decking is more cost-effective than building a new deck from scratch, and the results can be just as beautiful!

If you’re in need of re-decking, a new deck, new patio, or new porch to make any of these Oakville outdoor living dreams a reality, call Archadeck of the SW GTA today to schedule a design consultation. (877) 362-5802 Your dream backyard is our mission.